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Presented By: MBA-1, Div A, Roll No # 16-20

Introduction ‘37 • Started as a small shop run by Ganga Bishen Agarwal • Brand name of Haldiram’s Bhujiawala came into existence • Manufacturing unit in Kolkatta set up • Much larger unit set up in Nagpur • Retail shop set up in Delhi. later manufacturing unit added • Entered into the international market (Exports) ‘41 50s60s 70s 80’s90’s 2000s 2 Source: Case Studies in Marketing .

Marketing Mix-Strategy Adopted Product Price Marketing Mix Place Promotion 3 .

Product Namkeen (Bhujia) Sweet and Salty products (traditional sweets and wider range of namkeens) 4 Source: KhattaMeetha Ready to Eat Cookies Canned sweets Fresh and Dry sweets Syrups Papads Snacks (Murrukus) .haldiram.

Key points in Product       Wide range to suit varied needs Hygienic packaging and quality control Customization as per region. bhelpuri Developing festive season gift packets Long shelf life Different package sizes as per markets (starting from 30 gms onwards) 5 Source: Case Studies in marketing . Eg: Murrukus.

Price Factors affecting Pricing Strategy Past Competition only from unorganized players Packaging costs had to be incurred to maintain quality Price revisions ( unavoidable ) only when it was Present Competition from unorganized and organized players. MNC’s entered the scene Packaging no longer a differentiating factor. shelf life became more important Pricing is decided as per market condition and competition 6 Source: Case Studies in Marketing and recent market reports from CCI .

Place-Distribution Network Manufacturing Unit C&F Distributors Retailers 7 Source: Case Studies in Marketing .

haldiram.Key Points      Available at railway stations and bus stops Own chain of restaurants in Delhi. Nagpur. Kolkatta and NCR region Focused on needs of tourists and building international brand image Online retailing in domestic and international markets Available in big retail stores and supermarkets worldwide 8 Source: and Case Studies in Marketing .

com .Promotion TV ads Print Media and special placement Word of mouth Advertising 9 Source: Case Studies in Marketing and www.moneycontrol.

South Delhi .10 The New Haldiram outlet interior.

11 .

FLV 12 Source: www.FLV .TV Ads   Haldiram_ad1. Status • Sales 2010Rs708.7 crores • No.5 crores . still strong abroad 13 Source: For outlets. 2010 . PBT-17. ‘10) Management Issues (Business Standard) • Haldiram proprietor jailed • Business adversely affected • Market share fell in India. out of which 15 owned by company • As on 2011. article dated Jan. of outlets: Indian Snacks Industry • Frito Lays-58% • Balaji Namkeens-14% • ITC-9% • Haldirams-5% • Parle-5% • Prakash Snacks-4% Financials (Prowess) Market Share (Economic Times) • Market Size of Branded Snacks Industry. 6500 crore Industry Size (DNA. and www.SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong quality assurance Diverse product range Strong distribution network Recognized brand name Competitive prices Weaknesses Management issues Split family business divided assets Spurious products Trademark issues SWOT Opportunities India’s growth in consumption Increasing consumer awareness Expanding export market Various government schemes Threats Intense competition Food inflation driving up costs Infrastructure to be upgraded More foreign players Adverse publicity due to jailed owners 14 Source: .

Presented By: Pranil Kadpe Sandeep Jadhav Joel Maria Joseph Sameena Hussain Amit Kadam 15 .

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