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Learning Resource Center (LRC)

BSILI Presentation
Marie Zaiens Lilit Haroyan


Achieve the Dream student focus group feedback: Students want instructors to require support service use.


Students were prompted to take a self-assessment survey when they logged into computers in the Learning Labs and Commons area in the LRC. According to a survey of 100 students, a lack of sufficient reading skills resulted in

26% failing a class 25% receiving a D 29% receiving a C

PROBLEM: Students lack reading and college success skills College lacks funds to provide tutoring

SOLUTION: LRC sponsored activities

Building Habits of Mind Building Reading Apprenticeship

It takes a campus to raise a skill!






Student Services




: It takes a campus to raise a skill!

Building the Skills for Success Across the Curriculum & Campus Wide

Incorporating available resources from our network of college communities: College of the Canyons 8 ESSENTIAL LESSONS videos. View one video each week campus wide.

It takes a campus to raise a skill!

2. How Beliefs Influence Learning 4. Understanding Memory & Learning 6. Active Listening 8. Understanding Motivation

1. Self Regulated Learning

3. Goal Setting

5. Reading to Answer Questions

7. Getting the Most Out of Lectures

LRC engages all students, staff, faculty, and administrators in practicing a skill a week for 8 weeks: instructors require all their students to view one of these videos each week. Weeks 9-16 review the videos and provide self-evaluation materials for each skill LRC provides a face-to-face workshop each week on the skill LRC provides supplemental materials on each skill

RA: History 002 Fall 2012

How do students respond to their History texts?

RA: Art History 101 Fall 2012

How do students respond to their Art History texts?

LRC Reading Apprenticeship Support

Professional Development for Faculty Think Aloud and Talk to the Text In-class Think Aloud with Students LRC Workshops in Think Aloud Pair Work using assigned readings In-class Talk to the Text LRC Workshops in Talk to the Text and annotation using assigned History & Art History textbooks LRC Workshops in Note Taking Skills