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Strategic Information System

is a type of Information System that is

aligned with business strategy and
structure. The alignment increases the
capability to respond faster to
environmental changes and thus creates a
competitive advantage
"The information system to support or
change enterprise's strategy." by Charles
Strategic information system is
different from other systems as: -
• they change the way the firm competes. by
changing the goals,operations,products,
services,or enviromentalrelationshipsof
theorganistions to help them gain an over edge
over competers.
• they have an external (outward looking) focus.
• they are associated with higher project risk.
• they are innovative (and not easily copied
Key features
• 1) Decision support systems that enable to develop a strategic
approach to align Information Systems (IS) or Information
Technologies (IT) with an organization's business strategies
• 2) Primarily Enterprise resource planning solutions that integrate/link
the business processes to meet the enterprise objectives for the
optimization of the enterprise resources
• 3) Database systems with the "data mining" capabilities to make the
best use of available corporate information for marketing,
production, promotion and innovation. The SIS systems also
facilitate identification of the data collection strategies to help
optimize database marketing opportunities.
• 4) The real-time information Systems that intend to maintain a rapid-
response and the quality indicators.