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Vision And Mission Statement We invented the automobile - now we are passionately shaping its future.

As a pioneer of automotive engineering, we feel inspired and obliged to continue this proud tradition with groundbreaking technologies and high-quality products. Our philosophy is clear: we give of our best for customers who expect the best - and we live a culture of excellence that is based on shared values. Our corporate history is full of innovations and pioneering achievements; they are the foundation and ongoing stimulus for our claim to leadership in the automotive industry.

Mercedes Benz has a vast lineup of both passenger and commercial vehicles in the market. Over the years, it has catered for many of the changing tastes in consumers for automobiles. In support for the protection of the environment, Mercedes Benz introduced Bluetec engines that are efficient and friendly. A division for performance tuned vehicles is the AMG division for Mercedes.

The Saloon Range

S Class: The S class is the flagship model of the car range. Most of the innovations have been introduced on the S class. Designed with precision and attention to detail. Environment friendly despite being powerful in engine capacities. Owned 82% of the market share combined with Lexus and BMW. E class: The E class is the executive range in the lineup. First Car to introduce fuel injection systems in volume production One of the few diesel engines to be approved in america was a BlueTech diesel engine which met the stringent standards. Owns 56.9% in its German market segment.

C class: The compact executive class of Mercedes. Was the smallest car sold by the company until 1997. It was the 2nd best selling car in the USA and Canada markets. Voted best selling import car in Japan in late 2011

The Compact Range

The A class was the smallest entry level mercedes, it was launched in 1997. It was the first Mercedes to introduce a hatchback shape to cater for the small family. The B class was launched in March 2005. It was stated by mercedes as a Compact sports tourer.

Sports Utility Vehicles

acknowledged as one of the worlds best cross-country vehicles. - Initially was a military vehicle suggested by the Shah of Iran, then a civilian version was offered in 1979 - It is the oldest production Mercedes, 32 years. - Mercedes-AMG Chairman Volker Mornhinweg claims that one third of all G-Class vehicles sold to civilians are the G55 AMG model. The largest markets for G 55s are California, USA and the United Arab Emirates.

G class: Best displays its strengths off the beaten track, and is

ML class: M-Class is the best-seller of all the MercedesBenz Sports Utility Vehicles. It debuted 10 years ago. And became a instant success in United States with its extensive safety features. GL class: This is a full size crossover SUV mainly to attract the US market. It started production in 2006 and it was voted 2007 Sports Utility Vehicle of the year by Motor trend Magazine.

The AMG division of Mercedes provides a more performance orientation to their cars. AMG is located in Affalterbach, Germany. The AMG models are available in almost every class and are the most expensive usually in the range. Different Styling, suspension, trims and engines are put in the AMG models to insure highest performance and luxury.