Client Background

Demographics, business and industry

. who serves for a tenure of 5 yrs. • The corporation as the apex body discharges its function through the Mayor-in-Council.• Description of client’s business: KMC is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Kolkatta. consisting of a mayor. • Covers an area of 185 sq • City divided into 141 administrative wards that are grouped into 15 boroughs • The corporation through elected committees in the boroughs maintains govt aided schools. hospitals etc.

Water purification and supply Sewage treatment and disposal Garbage disposal and street cleanliness Solid waste management Building and maintenance of roads. 12. 8. 10. including immunization Public municipal schools etc . 6. 2. 7. 3. 4. 9. Street lighting Maintenance of parks and open spaces Cemeteries and Crematoriums Registering of births and deaths Conservation of heritage sites Disease control. 11.• Client’s services: 1. streets and flyovers. 5.

• Financials: • Revenue is in Rs. . Lakhs Year 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 Revenue 57132 64741 77341 Year 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 Revenue 84810 84162 119770 • The data in the table indicates that the total revenue has been increasing through the years.

• Internal sources consist of revenue accrued by the KMC on its own • External sources consist of revenue from other sources such as grants and loans from the Central as well as the State Government. . • Major source of tax revenue includes: fees for amusement.• Revenue sources are both internal and external. fees for advertising and car parking etc.

hospitals etc.g. b) Competition from smaller organizations which are involved in one or more similar activities as KMC.• The organization has 37. E.829 employees at its disposal • Competitors: a) No direct competitor as no other organization is involved in all the activities that KMC is involved in. private schools. .

The other objectives include improving the living standards of slum-dwellers and establishing a transparent civic administration to satisfy the citizens of Kolkata. .• Client objective: • The primary objective of KMC is to provide effective and beneficial services to the citizens of Kolkata in a well-timed manner.

Current Status .

The portal www. 2. property tax.kmc. where they can pay their bills. etc. Web Portal . license fees & renewal.Information Technology • IT Spend: • The organization has invested in the following: helps citizens to pay their taxes E-Kolkatta centres The objective of these centres is to provide multiple services to the citizens of Kolkata under one roof. . avoiding long queues in banks or in KMC offices.

3. • • • • • • • • • • ERP: Implements many benefits: One time data entry Easier Item Selection Minimal Manual calculations Online approval Faster processing and online status tracking Audit trails of all transactions Budget Tracking and Fund Management Fully integrated system Ability to generate all MIS Reports Data security and access controls .

4. • It is a robust integrated system that streamlined major processes and helped the organization with the following: a) Simplify major municipal functions b) Decrease costs c) Increase revenue • Other endeavors in IT include: KMC-Net. Data Centres. . Disaster Management Centres etc. MAS: • centralized Municipal Administrative System (MAS).

IT issues and challenges: • Difficult to upgrade existing ERP system • Difficult to have a common platform for the whole system • Difficult to mould existing personnel to adapt to new system • High cost will be incurred for all the IT investments • The web portal allows for payment online. . The payment system has to be secure.

The fact that they might not deliver what they promise disturbs the working of the organization. Even outsourcing leads to high expenditure of cost. . • Increased benefits must be perceived as a result of these investments.Top Risks • Huge investment. • These initiatives are introduced keeping in mind that they are there to reduce effort and provide better service to citizens. • Quality of service provided should go up.

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