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 All the students of VIT University have a

provision to check their Semester
Attendance by Online. The Institute
monitors the progress of the students at a
closer level by a scheme called Proctor
Scheme. Under this scheme about 20 to
25 students are assigned to a faculty who
will maintain a record of the academic
progress (Proctor Dairy) of the students
and provide guidance and counselling. Also
email accounts for students have been
created and hosted with Google.
 At VIT, semester pattern is followed.
An academic year consists of two
semesters. The Fall (Odd) Semester
begins in June and the Winter (Even)
Semester in December. The
academic schedule mentioned in the
academic calendar will be strictly
 It is an article of faith at VIT to complement the academic
component of the university and enhance the overall educational
experience of students through a wide range of extra-curricular
programmes, facilities, services and activities. These events
provide students and other members of the university exposure to
a variety of social, cultural, intellectual, recreational opportunities
and challenges.
Such experiences enrich the lives of students and help them fulfil
their potential. An exclusive office headed by a Students' Welfare
Officer plans and executes these activities.
Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are planned and
executed through a number of associations, clubs, societies and
students' chapters of professional bodies. They are owned and
managed by representatives of students and are monitored by the
faculty in-charge.
VIT University has been a consistent topper for
several years in the list of campus placement
records among private institutions in India. It is
proud that its graduates are highly rated by
employers from industry and commerce in the
private and public sectors. Offering information,
advice, guidance and support for job-seeking
students is considered a primary responsibility
at the University.
The Placement and Training Centre is provided
with a well-equipped conference training room
and separate, well-furnished rooms for
interviews and counselling. It is headed by
Prof. S.R. Pullabhotla, the Dean who is
supported by well qualified permanent training
 A reputation for excellence in research supported by a high caliber staff is
reflected in the demand for entry to Vellore Institute of Technology's
programmes from high achieving students. Committed to excellence in
fundamental research as well as the development of innovative
technologies for the future, VIT offers a quality research training
experience for its students. The Institute maintains its relevance to world-
class research by linking with industry and business through local and
international research networks.
VIT's research strength spans over diverse disciplines like CAD/CAM,
Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, Product Design, Energy,
Biomedical Research, Information Technology, Nanotechnology,
Optoelectronics and Materials Engineering. It also expands to
research in basic sciences, applied sciences and biosciences. Emerging
fields and key hi-tech disciplines of the future are focussed on. It
encourages its researchers to participate in a wide range of international
research collaborations. VIT's extensive network creates unique
opportunities for conducting and supporting research, particularly in inter-
and multi-disciplinary areas.
Within a short time of becoming a University in 2001, VIT has risen to the
expectations of Government organisations, research institutes, mission-
critical organisations like Defence establishments, the Indian Space
Research Organisation (ISRO) and atomic research centres. It has secured
sponsorship for 50 research projects to the tune of Rs.100 million. VIT also
offers consultancy services worth more than Rs. 2.2 million to the
Defence Research and Development Laboratory.