Presentation about parallel Universes

By Muzammal Hussain Roll No. 2323 M.Sc Physics 4th Semester (M)

Levels of Parallel Universes

Level 1 parallel universe Level 2 parallel universe Level 3 parallel universe

A Paper Published in 2003 by Max Tegmark in which he gave the explanation of all the three Levels of Parallel Universe

Cause of Big Bang By M-theory

How to move and survive in the other Parallel Universes

Concept of Soul, Giant and Angels in Parallel Universe theory.

Comparison of Universe and Multiverse by Michio Kaku
We often use to say universe where uni means one, a one world theory. Everything there is everything we see is the universe.  Now we have a Multiverse idea where there are unseen worlds, the worlds we can’t see worlds we can’t touch

Level 1 Parallel Universe
According to Physicists the level 1 of parallel universe is just an extension of our own universe.  The level 1 parallel universe is based on the idea that the universe is infinite in size.  If true then there must be out there an endless copy of the solar system the earth and all the people on it.

Level 1 Parallel Universe (cont.)

Max Tegmark (MIT) says about level 1 Parallel Universe that

If you planning a trip to the closest parallel universe then truly speaking you have to go a googol plex yards away from earth, so it’s a very long way. The Level 1 parallel universe are of large no and are very far away from us that we can’t see them and we can’t reach them.

Level II Parallel Universe

Level II Parallel Universe made up of giant cosmic so bubbles that float in hyperspace.

Level II Parallel Universe (cont.)

Each independent bubble has with in it an entire universe .
If the sensational Level II parallel Universe idea is true then the nature of cosmos could even more astonishing than ever imagine. Our unique Universe float in a sea of other super bubbles.

Level III Parallel Universe
In Level III Parallel Universe these copies of us right now right here living in exact same space and time.  They are separated from us because they are in different dimensions of the same space and there are infinite number of them.

From where this idea of Level III Parallel Universe comes from?

This idea of Level III parallel universe comes form the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  This principle tells us that an electron can be in two places at once.

Michio kaku on level III type of Parallel Universe.
The Universe is itself is smaller than an electron.  If that’s true that an electron can be described by at many places at same time.  This means that the universe also exists in parallel states and you get a number of parallel universes. There is no choice.

Concept of Soul, Giant and Angels
Suppose you have a dead cat in one Universe and the same live cat in another Universe.  Similarly, Islam said that when a being died then his Soul is in the same universe but we can’t see him.  Actually he is in another dimension that we can’t see it

Now a days we know that dinosaurs are not alive.

But may be they are in this world right now at same space and time but they are living in other dimensions.

Cause of Big Bang

According to the latest M-theory less than an instant in the first of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second, membrane in pre universe cosmos smash togather and produced a big bang.

Cause of Big Bang (cont.)

How to move and survive in the other Parallel Universes

The gate way of the other Parallel Universe are wormholes. May by the wormholes are very small in size that we can’t move in it?

Then we can send the information of our universe by using a nano boat.

Wormholes connected with other universes.

This nano boat contain all the information of our universe and even ourselves.

Important Terms Used.

Googol = 1 followed by 100 zeros.  Googolplex = 1 followed by Googol zeros.  Hyperspace:- The medium in which all universes are floating.  M-Theory:- It has two meanings (1)Membrane theory (2)The sense of everything (By Michio Kaku the writer of hyperspace)

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