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The Flat Earth Bible

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• According to the Bible:
– The Earth is Flat and stationary.
– Heaven is a place up above the solid Sky
– Heavenly bodies are just little lights moving
around the Earth
– The Dead exist below the ground
• Jesus and his Disciples believed all of the
• The Universe looks like the diagram below
The Biblical Cosmos (See next page)
Legend for Biblical Cosmos
The Biblical Map of the World

All the parts

of the World
Europe mentioned in
(Descendants of Japheth)
the Bible fit
into this map.

Asia The Americas,

Jerusalem (Descendants
of Shem) East Asia,
(Descendants Africa and
of Ham) Australia
were unknown
to the writers
of the Bible
Confirmation of the Flat Earth Bible

The discovery of the Book of

Enoch which is quoted in the New
Jude 14- 15 Jude endorses the Book
of Enoch

Jude quotes from

the non-Canonical
Book of Enoch
(1 Enoch 1:9) &
considers him to
have been a

The Book of Enoch

explicitly describes
a Flat Earth
Jude 14- 15
Jude endorses
the Book of
According to Genesis,
Enoch was the
Great grandfather of Noah.

According to Genesis 5:24

Enoch was taken up to
Heaven by God.
the Book of Enoch was
written around 200BC
Further Reading

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Author: David Presutta
Published by Llumina Press

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