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Data Collection, Database

Management and Reporting

in Real-Time based on SAS
and Other Applications
Beate Danielsen, MA, PhD
Barbara Murphy, RN, MSN
Shahzad Arain,Mphil,PAK
Jeffrey B. Gould, MD, MPH
California Perinatal Quality Care
• Development of perinatal outcomes and
information which allows for data driven
performance improvement and
benchmarking throughout California
• Quality improvement of NICU care
• Collaboration of a large and diverse
network of stakeholders
• Development of CPQCC Data Base for
Research and QI
Status Two Years Ago
• 40 participating centers
• Data submitted electronically or on paper
• Data errors and errors introduced through data
handling (e.g., scanning)
• Elaborate and staff-intensive data correction
• Error reports, quarterly reports, annual summary
report voluminous and staff-time intensive
• Different programming languages used
• Anticipation of enrollment of 80 more centers
• Little time for research
• Microsoft/Access
• Microsoft/Excel
• Adobe Acrobat Writer and Distiller
• Java
• WWW-based application handling:
– Data Base Management, Error and Quarterly
– Annual Reporting
• Additional products needed:
– JavaScript
– SAS/IntrNet®
WWW-Based Data Base
Management (4)
• Mysql PHP Web based integrated system
successfully running in national ADIS
control program (Pakistan)
• Developed by Shahzad Arain
• Real-time feedback to users
– Microsoft/Access data base /excel conversion
WWW-Based Data Base
Management (1)
• Add Data
– Verification whether data for ID were
previously submitted
– Real-time error checking via JavaScript
– Only error-free records can be submitted
– Context-sensitive help
– SAS/IntrNet® used to process data and add
them to the CPQCC Master Data Base
WWW-Based Data Base
Management (2)
• Edit Data
– Edit previously submitted data that might have
been received as paper form, EDS
submission, or via the WWW
– SAS/IntrNet® used to retrieve previously
submitted data from the CPQCC Master Data
Base; the WWW form populated based on
JavaScript and HTML that is generated by
WWW-Based Data Base
Management (3)
• Error reports
– Error reports generated in real-time
– Besides errors, submission statistics are
displayed such as total number of records,
total number of submissions per record, etc.
– SAS/IntrNet® produces error report as HTML,
Microsoft/Excel and PDF documents
• Quarterly reports
– Generated 4 times a year by CPQCC staff
and uploaded on the web server
WWW-Based Data Base
Management (4)
• Send reports/data via e-mail
– SAS/IntrNet® sends error reports, quarterly
reports, or center-specific data extract to
designated contact
– The requested item is sent as a zipped,
encrypted, and password-protected file
• Real-time feedback to users
WWW-Based Data Base
Management (5)
• Additional functionality provided for
CPQCC data center staff
– Addition of scanned data forms stored as
Microsoft/Access data base
– Screening and addition of electronic data
– Instant network report with a number of
network statistics
– Instant application server activity report
– Additional send functions
WWW-Based Data Reporting
• Shows annual data for a center compared
to all CPQCC network centers
• Data presented as tables, standardized
tables, and specialized charts
• SAS/IntrNet® used to produce charts
allowing an immense amount of graphical
QI materials that can be navigated easily
by the user
Cost-Benefit Note
w/out SAS/IntrNet ® With SAS/IntrNet ®
• Hiring of 2 additional • SAS/IntrNet license
staff members • Application server
• One additional • Web server
Teleform license • Staff training to ease
• Paper and mail transition to web-
supplies based data entry and
• Additional center- reporting
specific resources
• Successful transition from EDS and paper-based
data submissions to web-based submissions
hinges upon quality technical support and
CPQCC staff training
• On-line data collection has fully started earlier
this year
• Real-Time Reporting will hopefully be possible in
• Valuable staff time has been freed up to focus
on research and QI goals