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How long do you have to engage a site visitor?

50 milliseconds
► ►

2 seconds? 7 seconds?

Source: www.clickdensity.com

2008 : Top 20 web design tips
Tips 1. Strategy 2. Analytics 3. Findability 4. Persuasion 5. SEO Watch out for…

GA, Bounce rates AB, MVT Cialdini, GCO GWT, SEOMoz, GT


Case study Online adverts

► ►

One of the UK‟s leading nationwide laser eye surgery clinics treating over 100,000 UK patients One of the biggest advertisers on the UK Internet
Consultation booking

Web site



Awareness Brand favourability Purchase consideration

Maintain share of voice Drive purchase intent Engage with brand personality Product reassurance


Strategy .1.

How do you measure website marketing success? Chaffey et al. 3rd Edition © Pearson Education Limited 2007 7 .. Internet Marketing.

Defining your OVP ► Core brand proposition = Marketing Mix: ► Who you are ► What you do ► Where you do it ► What makes you different? ► OVP ► .Tip #1 . but messaging shows: ► Value that a site visitor get from your online brand or campaign that… ► ► They can‟t get from you offline? They can‟t get from competitors? ► Communicate message forcefully: online and offline 8 .Online Value Proposition Reinforces core brand proposition and credibility.

useit.Does your message stand out? http://www.com/alertbox/banner-blindness.html 9 .

Examples of Nielsen’s tests 10 .

etre.What do you notice? Source: Etre (www.com) 11 .

Amazon exploits top-left.com) 12 .etre. top-right Source: Etre (www.

Ultralase home page Customer-centric copy Questions answered Run-of-Site Signup Outcomes + OVP 13 .

Tip #2 answer the visitors questions Ad Standard landing landing page Interstitial landing page 14 .

Tip #3 Use run-of-site Sign-up and OVP messages OVP = Online Value Proposition 15 .

email. assess preferences for:  Platforms (web.content creation & participation  Search behaviour  Trusted brands 16 .Tip #4 – target using personas For each persona. mobile)  Platform usage (hours)  Content consumption: General site types & category-specific  Social media .

Analytics .

18 .

Creative 4.Tip #5. Reduce your bounce rate 20% = Great 40% = OK 60% = Spam “Percentage of visitors who enter the site and who then immediately exit” ► Should benchmark for different: ► ► ► ► ► 1. ads. Different landing pages 19 . Different sites. placements or search terms 3. Digital channels (Search. email) 2. direct.

g.e. banner. CPC. Media channel (i. campaigns) ► 4.tune your www.php?utm_campaign=fall-sale &utm_medium=banner &utm_source=boston. Yahoo. paid search. email. Define conversion goals (including value) & funnels ► 2. e. The version of the ad (used for A/B testing). new visitors only. The search term purchased (if you‟re buying keywords). You can identify two versions of the same ad using this variable. Spring Campaign.com/landing_page. Live Search.google.g. Setup filters (e.g. Define unique pages (e. remove Session IDs from URLs) ► 3. What is the „distribution method‟ that is used to get our message out to our clients? Who are you partnering with to push your message. This is not always used and is NOT included in the above example. A publisher.Tip #6 . or for paid search Google. etc).com/analytics setup ► 1.epikone. 20 . Put campaign tracking tags in place http://www.com&utm_content=text-only Variable utm_campaign utm_medium utm_source utm_content utm_term Meaning The name of the marketing campaign.

Findability .

Especially in nav labels and page headings 22 .Use Scent trails Do you have the right scent? Tip: Use customer-centric language.Tip #7 .

„Clean‟ or „Cluttered‟ 23 .Tip #8 AB Test Which is best? .

Tip #9 Use Multivariate testing? 24 .

Tip #10 TIMITI = Flexible web layouts 25 .

Tip #11 Use secondary navigation to highlight next steps 26 .

wikipedia.Persuasion Credibility + 6 “weapons of influence” • Reciprocity • Commitment and consistency • Consensus • Affinity (Liking & credibility) • Authority • Scarcity See: http://en.org/wiki/Robert_Cialdini .

co. Earned First hand experience that extends over time ► www. Presumed General assumptions in the mind of the perceiver 2.uk 28 . reports or referrals (Tip #12) 4.euroffice. Surface Simple inspection or initial first-hand experience ► ► 3. Reputed Third party endorsements.Persuasion principle 1: Credibility ► 1.

29 .2. Reciprocity Tip #13 Offer valuable. exclusive content or offers and your audience will remember you and be indebted to you.

4. Commitment and consistency “Get initial commitment” “Set their alarm clock”: Tip #14 Provide reasons to Regularly Return Q. How can you highlight reasons to return to the site (which labels)? 30 .

Apply RF(M) analysis Recency (Date of Last Visit) “Fresh” (Been in last 3 weeks) 88% of “Loyal Stars” Use the forum “Stale” (3 weeks – 3 months) “Rotten” (> 3 months old) “Tried It” Proportion using community tools (Once or Twice) “Regulars” (2-5 times) “Loyal” (More than 5 visits) Loyalty (Number of Visits) 31 .

5. Consensus and social proof Tip #15 Use independent accreditation Your audience will believe others more than they believe you! 32 .

addthis.Social media can help with conversion and SEO www.com 33 .

6. Affinity (liking) People are persuaded by other people they like 34 .

35 .

Expertise and Status 36 .5. Authority Show off your Authority.

37 .

7. Scarcity Loss is more powerful than gain Show site visitors what they could miss 38 .

middle and end 39 .Tip #14 Webify your copy The most common online copywriting mistakes ► Copy not customer-centric (Use the “You Test”) ► Not appealing to diverse audiences ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► Not highlighting your unique benefits Making copy too long Not chunking copy Not engaging at start of para Not using sub-heads Not highlighting related content Not integrating hyperlinks Hyperlinks at start.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) .

dmoz.org 41 .Tip #16 Controlling your messaging in the search results page Paid listings Pay Per Click (PPC) Natural or organic listings Search engine optimisation (SEO) <title> </title> tags <meta name=“description = > tags Or Snippets from page Or www.

Controlling messaging through document meta data Google SERPS .<h1><h2> 42 .HTML Source “View Source” 1 2 3 <title> tag <meta name> description tag + snippet Visible page 4 5 .

Practical tip To evaluate use search syntax: site:domain.com + <keyphrase> 43 .

Tip #17 Analyse target keyphrases Tip: Use the Google keyword tool to inform copywriting: https://adwords.google.com 44 .com/select/KeywordToolExternal Source: OneStat.

seomoz. Keyword frequency and density = 3.5/5 ► Link anchor text contains keyword = 4. Meta name description = 2/5 ► 3.5/5 See http://www. Keyword in headings = <h1> = 3. Meta name keywords = 1/5 ► 4.org/article/search-ranking-factors 45 ► .8 Off-page ► More backlinks (higher PageRank)= 4/5 ► Page assessed as a hub = 3.8 ► 6. Keyword in document name = 2.1.5/5 ► Page assessed as an authority = 3.9/5 ► 2. <h2> = 2.7/5 ► 5.4/5 ► Link velocity (rate at which changes) = 3. <title> tag = 4.Which SEO ranking factors should I focus on? ► On page: ► 1.

Tip #18 Use footer links and primary nav for SEO Home page Tip: Ensure primary and secondary Navigation labels include keyphrases within anchor text Current accounts page 46 .

Tip #19 Create link-bait? 47 .

Are you using Google Webmaster tools? ► Reasons for using and distributing diagnosis: ► Crawl errors ► Search query performance ► Internal and external link reports Practical Tip: Essential to use: relevant anchor text for linking pages within copy 48 .

why not? Can experience?  If yes. what did they like best about the online you interact as you want?   Are your needs anticipated  Will you make repeat visits?  49 .So… is your site successful? Tip #20 – Answer the 4 key customer questions Can you locate Is the content what what you are Are you answering these questions through you want?   Psyma? looking for?   How satisfied are my visitors?  What are my visitors at my website to do?  Are they completing what they set out to do?  If not.

chaffey@marketing-insights.Thank you! ► Download ► Any this presentation from: ►www.co. monthly briefing on what„s new in E-marketing ►www.davechaffey.uk ► Subscribe to my E-marketing Essentials.com/presentations questions.davechaffey.com 50 . do e-mail me: ►dave.

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