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Architecture .

and green pages. and Integration) is an XMLbased registry for businesses worldwide to list themselves on the Internet. product. this effort is clearly understaffed and the work completed to date seems to illustrate a rudimentary understanding of e-commerce without having actually been part of a real solution.UDDI and ebXML • UDDI (Universal Description. location. UN/CEFACT is the same group responsible for EDIFACT. UDDI is often compared to a telephone book's white. The project allows businesses to list themselves by name. it's clearly in line for promotion to the throne of e-commerce. yellow. it's my belief that if this work can meet some modicum of maturity and gain a modest following. one of the electronic commerce standards more heavily used throughout the European and Pacific continents (the U. Its ultimate goal is to streamline online transactions by enabling companies to find one another on the Web and make their systems interoperable for e-commerce. or the Web services they offer. • . Hence. primarily uses its own version. That said. called X12). Discovery.S.

JAX R information model .

S. States > Connecticut > Cities > Manchester > Business and Shopping > Business to Business > . States > Connecticut • U.S.Classification of registry data • Home > Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > Financial Services > Banking > Banks > By Region > U.

Classification of registry objects .

Taxonomy • Internal NAICS is an example of an internal taxonomy. because the scheme and all the codes are available inside the JAXR provider • External An example of an external taxonomy is the microsoftcom:geoweb:2000 scheme (based on the ISO 3166 standard) in the Microsoft registry .

Association of registry data • Association class .

JAX R API • Registry service • 3 sub services • The BusinessLifeCyleManager interface. used to query the registry using objects from the information model • The DeclarativeQueryManager interface. used for creating objects based on the information model • The BusinessQueryManager interface. used to execute statement type queries on the registry .


createConnection(). • environment. • connfactory. • credentials. QUERY_URL).add(passwdAuth). • environment. PUBLISH_URL).newInstance(). // Instantiate the factory and create a connection from it • ConnectionFactory connfactory = ConnectionFactory.setProperties(environment).setProperty("javax. • Set credentials = new HashSet().lifeCycleManagerURL".queryManagerURL". • connection conn.xml. // Obtain a reference to the registry service • RegistryService registryservice = connection. .registry.setCredentials(credentials). uddipassword. Connection connection = connfactory.xml.setProperty("javax.registry.toCharArray()).Connecting // Set the properties for the factory Properties environment = new Properties(). // Authenticate the username and password with the registry • PasswordAuthentication passwdAuth = new PasswordAuthentication(uddiusername.getRegistryService().


Get and find .

Declarative queries .

JAX R and UDDI Table 12.4: Mapping of UDDI Inquiry API to JAXR JAXR BusinessQueryManager findServiceBindings findOrganizations findAssociatedObjects UDDI method Find_binding find_business find_related_business findServices findConcepts and findClassificationSchemes find_service find_tModel .

. etc.g. JAXR supports all features and functionality defined by OASIS for the ebXML registry.Organization interface in JAXR maps to an Organization object in RIM.JAX R and ebXML • Figure 12.19: ebXML registry browser • • Mapping of ebXML Registry Information Model to JAXR No mapping is required from the JAXR model to the ebXML Registry Information Model.) Also. because they are identical (e. • .

not only do they need to expose their functions as Web services. • JAXR removes the dependence between applications and nonstandard toolkits by giving developers a rich.To sum up…. So. we looked at JAXR and its functionality. UDDI/ebXML registry. . simple. why is this API important. Using open standards such as XML. they also need to publish them in a manner accessible by different partners. and SOAP eliminates the dependence between disparate hardware and software stacks and facilitates a loosely coupled architecture. • It allows applications accessing XML registries to remain vendorneutral and portable across disparate registry implementations . standard extension API to communicate with registry providers using these very same open standards. • In this chapter. and why should developers use it? • For businesses to communicate with their partners and forge relationships.

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