• Started in 1933 being a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom works. • 1934 - produced its first Type A Engine. • Resemblance to the Dodge Power Wagon and Chevrolet.

• Toyota came back strong in 1965 with the popular 90-horsepower Corona sedan. the Crown became the first Japanese car to be exported to the United states of America. .• In 1956. • Entry into united states. In 1957. the Toyopet dealer chain was established.

these were attributed mainly to slow sales of its Tundra pick up. • For Toyota. as well as shortages of its fuel-efficient vehicles such as the Corolla and Prius .• Toyota reported a double-digit decline in sales.

formerly a compact sedan. • First went on sale in Japan in 1997 .Introduction of Prius by Toyota • a full hybrid electric midsize hatchback.

at its launch. became the world's first massproduced gasolineelectric hybrid car . is the largest market.• Subsequently introduced worldwide in 2001 • The U. • The first generation Prius.S. with 1 million Prius sold by early April 2011.


Toyota in calamity as Prius entrance leads to threat of second recall •January 2010. . Toyota admitted investigating reports of brake faults in Prius. •Japanese customers reported the inconsistent brake feel when the brakes are slowly applied.

3bn in repairs and lost sales.The company is already reeling from a recall of 8.1m cars worldwide because of accelerator pedals that stick down causing vehicles to speed out of control. worldwide the accelerator problem is likely to cost the company £1. • According to the UK government. .• US safety regulators opened a formal investigation today.

" . put a lid on it. "If it stinks.• The Reuters news agency reported the Nikkei newspaper in Japan stating the recall would be announced in conjunction with Japan's transport ministry and the US department of transportation.


A public relation nightmare! • Claim of quality and reliability • the initial $2 billion recall and the loss of 17% of share value since Jan. when the gaspedal recall was announced—is only a down payment on the final tally . 21.

....A Public Relations view of Toyota's recall • • • • • Toyota’s response to crisis: Public relations handling! Dealing with the media! Social networks! Official website! So why is its hard-won reputation still facing the biggest challenge in its corporate history?.. ..

and anything that calls this into question is especially threatening! .Mistakes • Perceived delay in decision making • Cultural flaws • Crisis struck at the essence of its reputation Toyota has built its reputation on quality and reliability.

the only one? Cadbury Mattel Eurostar .Toyota.

Similar cases to Toyota: • CADBURY  Dairy Milk was found to contain salmonella in year 2006. family and Community. .  Customer perceptions struck a Painful blow to business built on Wholesomeness.

Similar Cases • MATTEL  In year 2007. Mattel faced safety concerns about its toys  Mattel’s CEO devoted weeks to communicating the steps company was taking to address the issue  Results. its brand still remains strong. .

 Euro Star’s trains broke down in the Channel tunnel over Christmas  Euro Star’s CEO. in situation of crisis should neither be absent from public eye nor be main spokes person.Similar Cases • EUROSTAR  Chief Executive. . fumbled his way through media interviews. like Toyota’s GB Managing Director.

. demeanor and tone of voice. but also their body language.Role of media spokesperson: • Observers draw conclusions based not just on what the spokesperson says.

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