Customer Excellence: Excelling the customer expectation from the company, its brands, products and services are a three-step process. The three steps are: Know a customer, Be a customer, Serve a customer. Knowing a customer helps us know who our customers are, how to treat them, how we add value, and what the drivers of brand loyalty are. This information is gathered from the customer's data base history. This way we are better able to customize products for them and recommend the right product to solve problems. Being a customer is important to share customer knowledge and insights, drive actions based on customer insights, be passionate about our brands and customer loyalty and provide a positive voice for our brands.

The co.IT MANAGEMENT AT WHIRLPOOL Whirlpool IT management had a clear understanding of where they want the company to go. Whirlpool consolidate its global information network by signing agreement with IBM on 28th jan 2009 .Product information synchronization. implemented SAP Enterprise SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) Example.

Kitchen Aid mixer  . laborious processes prone to human error increased the potential for distributing incorrect product images or model numbers  So they develop a new approach to overcome this problem by developing creative work digital library(CWDL)  Example – Casual users such as corporate executives or business unit managers would need a typical asset search based on specific emotional attributes.. “family.WHIRLPOOL DIGITAL LIBRARIES Manual.g. e.

Example – Flexigerators o IT Practices Help co.HOW WHIRLPOOL IS DIFFERENT Product Innovations The consumer focus often translates into product innovations that impact consumer convenience in a major way. to differentiate its products and services. thereby  . Example.The IBM solution provides Whirlpool call centre agents with real time access to customer purchasing and service data.

and each one has one branch service manager under whom 5-6 people are working. Noida and Ghaziabad etc. Driving the team to direct at exceeding customer / client expectations consistently. 2.PEOPLE INVOLVED IN CUSTOMER SERVICE   Each major city has corporate office of Whirlpool like Delhi. Major responsibilities of the branch service manager: 1.Analyze and report on customer care centre function effectiveness to the vertical level and provide recommendations to improve performance .

3. Report to the National Manager on the day to day activities. Customer / Dealer /Builders visit and feed back collection 5. 4. Organizing Customer awareness activities such us Free Service camps .

Refrigerators etc. The company also has few direct service centres in which customers can directly walk in and get their problem soughed out. The sales and service dealers sell and provide service just for ACs. packing of appliance in cases of transfer of residence. The company has channel partners or franchisees and sales and service dealers .   .The channel partners provide sale and servicing of all the whirlpool products be it ACs. Company provide normal services from installation and demonstration to preventive maintenance checks. ad hoc service. The sales and service dealers get a service margin for their services from the company. etc.

if the customer is calling from Ghaziabad a dealer within Ghaziabad will be sending the engineer.  . Whenever a customer logs in a complaint on the toll free number the call is routed to a call centre and within the maximum turnaround time of 48 hrs a service engineer has to go to the customer and solve his /her problem. They also provide a number of value-added services such as a range of unique accessories for refrigerators and washing machines. These engineers are trained by whirlpool themselves for a period of maximum of 4 months to ensure that they are aware of the nitty gritties of each and every whirlpool product. Example. The call is assigned to the service dealer as per the location of the customer. which are marketed through their service network.

Example: In Delhi. so that customers have the comfort of choosing their product with ease and without much traveling.PARAMETERS OF “PRE-SALES” SERVICE o o Availability Whirlpool has a strong network of dealers throughout the country. Advertisements and Promotions Whirlpool advertises aggressively through major news papers and through Media in the country . . The customer can easily locate the dealer closest to his/her home on the website.It has targeted the modern Indian women who sees home appliances as her ally in home making . Whirlpool has approximately 70 dealers located mostly in colonies main markets.

.It has entrusted Celebrity like Ajay Devgan and Kajol with the job to endorse the brand.  Experience Centers Whirlpool has set up approximately 20 Experience Centers in the country which enables potential customers to actually experience the range of whirlpool products before they purchase any product. love and romance. Currently. Whirlpool is the only player in home appliances segment which empowers the customers to experience the product during pre-purchase phase. Their relationship represents what whirlpool brand has always epitomized in its advertising-a relation ship based on equality.

list of recently launched products and so on. the most energy efficient side-by-side ever. o  Website Whirlpool has a very interactive and informative site. consumer has the option to lodge a complaint . Designs Whirlpool leads the industry with the Resource Saver™ refrigerator. All in all its an exhaustive information resource. It exceeds minimum federal energy standards by reviews of the products he/she wishes to purchase. Whirlpool has won the ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award 4 years in a row from 2006-2009 . Once a consumer enters the site he/she will get information about each and every product in detail. Also. and consumes less energy in a year than a 60 watt light bulb.

These fridge freezers also detect temperature changes after the door has been opened.  6th Sense cool system for superior cooling in the peak of summers. Whirlpool “Fusion” refrigerator has 17 hrs cooling retention during power cuts and 40%more storage space than any other refrigerator of the same size. . It directs chilled air into the affected zones and restores temperatures five times faster than a fridge without sixth sense technology. Whirlpool sixth sense technology maintains the best storage temperatures for your food and only cools when it is necessary which improves the energy efficiency of the appliance.

Also in the Whirlpool sixth sense cooling products you have the benefit of the multi-flow ventilation system.  Great feature offered by Whirlpool is its unique In-Door-Ice Dispensing System. This gives you easy access to ice and frees up valuable shelf space. . reducing humidity and preventing the formation of ice. This system allows you to place the ice dispenser and the ice collection bin in the freezer door instead of on the top shelf. This is a "total no frost" system which circulates chilled air around the freezer's storage areas.

Whirlpool has also started Pre-Sales Service like giving offers promoting its product like if you buy its fully Automatic Washing Machines you will get 1 year Surf Excel Matic washing powder free. etc. .All these designs are the strategy of whirlpool to attract customers and to provide them the maximum benefits.  Instalments Depending upon the price of the refrigerator. so that consumer tends towards purchasing its product by giving some sort of service which helps them to create demand for their product. whirlpool provides flexibility in payment options such as instalments.

Local Untrained Mechanics They can dramatically reduce life of appliance because of usage of spurious spare parts and non-expertise at handling whirlpool appliances.PARAMETERS OF “AFTER SALES” SERVICES Home care plan A customer can be assured that even after the expiry of warranty period of their appliances. Uncertainty & Inconvenience Sudden failure of appliance creates lots of trouble about what it can cost and raises a doubt.  . 2. they will continue to enjoy the same care and benefits through this plan which will safeguard them against:1.

This will further enhances the Re-sale value of their appliance.  Transferable Facility In case customer decides to sell his/her appliance during the contract period . . the benefits of the contract will be transferred to new buyer . Genuine Spare Parts Use company approved parts because customer have every right to expect the best.

Reliability 100 year old brand having millions of satisfied and loyal customers across the globe.   .wide service set up to bring smile to customer‟s face.They leverage Whirlpool‟s nation. Convenience Get-round –the clock -access 7 days a week through personalized SMS service in any part of the country . Maintenance Bonus They reward their consumers who take extra care of their appliance by providing bonus coverage period upon the renewal of their plans.

 Assured and Unlimited Service In order to serve it‟s customers as often as they want .   . they will refund the money on a pro-rata basis. Guaranteed Satisfaction In the highly unlikely event that they are not able to fix appliance even for the reasons beyond control. Fabulous Up gradation Offers They enable their customers to enter the new world of Whirlpool (Sixth Sense Technology) by offering unbelievable discount offers and exchange schemes on your existing appliance. they have got a dedicated team of over 2500 professionally trained service engineers across the country who are just a call away from them.

This after-sales service can be enrolled for free if one buys specific series of whirlpool product. treatment at Wellness Clinics. etc. health. Buy& Earn wishes or points on purchase of Whirlpool Products & redeem at least 500 wishes them for Organic Cosmetics.   . Through this service scheme company wants to retain its customer and generate loyalty . our magic one of its type of customer services specially made for women. or get opportunity to meet with film stars or simply pamper yourself in exotic spas.   Enjoy Service Privileges and Health Checkup for all white goods. Designer Wear. Access a panel of experts-Blossom Kochhar. Fashion and work issues & attend club gathering and shows. Anju Modi on issues related to Beauty.WHIRLPOOL MAGIC CLUB  Whirlpool „Magic Club‟ your wishes.

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