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Model 6290 LTD

Third generation design guarantees quality and reliability

Probe under operator control allows monitoring of conditions at any level in the tank Density & temperature profiles allow detection of stratification

Modbus interface allows integration with DCS

Bottom reference provides greatest accuracy

Model 6290 LTD System

Drive Mechanism Housing Probe Enclosure

Flameproof Control Unit Enclosure Pinch Valve Ball Valve

Top of Tank Hollow Helical Drive Cable

Multi-Sensor Probe Assembly

Tank Floor

Level Measurement
Probe drives to bottom

Bottom reference switch activates

Probe drives back to liquid level (stepping motor accurately measures distance) Probe tracks liquid level

Liquid Level Sensors

Probe drives up

Probe drives down

Probe stops

Program logic drives probe until lower sensor touches liquid (hysteresis errors are removed)

Temperature and Density Sensor


To Controller

PT 100 Temperature Sensor

Vibrating Spool Driving Coil Pick-Up Coil

Frequency of vibration is converted to density through an equation in the controller

Tank Profile Scan

Probe drives to bottom

Bottom reference switch activates

Probe drives up and stops at programmed intervals to collect profile information Probe tracks liquid level

Modes of Operation
Profile Probe drives to bottom and then back up, stopping at programmed intervals to record data Cal (Calibrate) Probe drives to bottom of tank to establish bottom reference, then returns to liquid level and switches to Auto Auto Probe tracks liquid level Top Scan Probe starts at current position and moves up or down, stopping at programmed intervals to record data Manual Probe can be driven up or down according to operator commands. Reports current temperature and density, does not track liquid level.

Probe Assembly Components

Two Liquid Level Sensors

Hollow Helical Drive Cable w/ Conductors

Intrinsically Safe Bottom Reference Switch Oscillating-Spool Densitometer for use in various media:

Bottom Reference Switch Assembly

Level Sensors

Butane Ethane Calibrated Platinum Temperature Sensor Sliding Shroud (activates reference switch)

Sliding Lower Shroud 270 mm to bottom of of lower sensor

Temperature Sensor (Inside Densitometer)

Oscillating Spool Densitometer

2 DIA (57.15 mm)

M6290 Tank Top Items

Drive Mechanism Housing Flameproof Control Unit Enclosure Probe enclosure with viewing window Pinch Valve with Buna liner Pinch Valve to ball valve transition piece (Optional) Probe may be driven into Probe enclosure and sealed off from tank using pinch valve for any required maintenance. Ball valve allows for possible removal of LTD system and assures tank integrity.
Ball Valve Probe Enclosure Flameproof Control Unit Enclosure Drive Mechanism Housing

Pinch Valve

Mechanical Unit Components

Take up reel with helical drive cable Constant tension spring motor Flexible coupling Gear box/speed reducer
Spring Motor Take up reel Gear box Backup Reel FB sw Drive gear

Drive gear

Flex coupling

Back up wheel Arc plate

Reel feedback switch
Arc plate

Inside the Control Unit

All electronics to control the system are contained in the control unit, housed in a flame-proof enclosure. The control unit may not be opened in the presence of gas.

Input power is 110VAC or 230VAC. Output of all data to control room is via 2-wire RS485.

Field wiring includes power indication and power control

Zener Barriers

Drive coupling

Control Unit Contents

Power Conversion Card

Power Supplies Power Conversion Card

Stepping Motor

Control Module

Zener Barriers
Motor Driver
Control Module

Stepping Motor Drive Coupling

Tank Gauge Interface Module (TGIM)

Field Wiring DCS Connection

Miniature Size, 1/8 DIN Configuration Termination point for field wiring Termination point for wiring to DCS Access point for Hand Held PC (HHPC) Possible modem connection for remote diagnostics by SI Engineers
Access for HHPC

Multiple Field Bus System Architecture

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LTD Gauge Data Alarm Gauge Data Primary Gauge Data

Secondary Gauge Data

LTD Gauge Detail

LTD Gauge Data

Last LTD Profile Data

LTD Sensor Status

LTD Alarm Status

LTD Profile Display

List of Profiles Per Day

Temperature Profile

Axes Automatically Scaled

Density Profile

Hazard of Rollover
Safety Hazard Uncontrolled pressure rise in storage tank Uncontrolled release of LNG vapor Over-pressurization of LNG storage tank Ignition of vapor cloud Potential Danger Receiving Terminals (1) Peak Shaving Terminals (2) Production Facilities (3)

Relief Valve

Cause of Rollover
FILM Light layer on top of heavy layer Influx of heat increases energy Energy in lower layer trapped by hydrostatic pressure Layers converge with time Energy in lower layer suddenly releases Layers roll over, releasing large amounts of vapor






Hazard of Rollover
Rollover Incidents Accurate statistics difficult to obtain 7 Major reported incidents (1970-1979) 41 Unofficially reported incidents (1970-1982) Many (possibly 100s) of unreported incidents Prevention of Rollover Prevention of layers through proper tank filling Destruction of layers through mixing Detection of layers through instrumentation Continuous monitoring of tank conditions