PBSP- founded on 1970

• . Over

40 years, PBSP has benefited 5 million Filipinos and assisted over 6,400 social development projects through more than PHP 8 billion in grants and development loans.

a response by the Philippines Council for Economic Development, the Philippines Business Council and the Philippines Association for Social Action to the social unrest and economic downturn that characterized that year in the Philippines.

• PBSP operates nationwide with regional offices in the Visayas and Mindanao, and field offices in Laguna and Samar.

• The purpose is not charity or giving. The goal is to get people to stand up for themselves and gain for themselves a significant level of human dignity from their own labor. • We achieve this through our programs on sustainable livelihood and enterprise development.

PBSP’S VISION To lead the business sector’s efforts to reduce poverty in the Philippines
PBSP’S MISSION • PBSP is committed to poverty reduction by promoting business sector leadership in, and commitment to programs that lead to self-reliance.

• Creation of livelihood opportunities • Creation of small enterprises and jobs • Provision of basic services such as education and health • Increase in number of members and their involvement in PBSP’s poverty reduction programs • Building of capacities of partners • Building of partnerships and alliances • Increased corporate contribution to poverty reduction

Major program/ project/ services of PBSP


• PBSP was established in 1970, during a period of national and economic unrest. Fifty Filipino businessmen pledged to set aside 1% of their companies’ net income before taxes to pursue poverty reduction programs. Through the Foundation, the business community’s pool of resources would create a difference in the lives of the poor. • Basis • “helping people help themselves”

ENVIRONMENT Saving the environment, saving lives
• Cebu Hillylands Reforestation

Cebu Hillylands Reforestation

Poverty in the Cebu Hillylands was due to the absence of appropriate faming technologies, limited income sources and access to basic social services, and declining environmental condition.


• The organization aims to reforest the barren areas of the 29,000-hectare Central Cebu Protected Landscape, Metro Cebu's major source of potable water.

• Some 800 volunteers from PBSP’s various membercompanies planted seedlings of indigenous trees such as the Cebu cinnamon, fire tree, kamatsilis, almaciga, tipolo, narra, bangkal and taloto.

• Cebu Hillyland annual reforestation caravan

- annual event which gives Cebuanos an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of Cebu and help contribute to its preservation by planting trees.

Budget Requirement
• Companies can be involved by adopting a hectare for reforestation or by organizing employee-volunteers to help plant trees on any scheduled Saturday of the caravan. A hectare costs P45,000 to reforest, including maintenance and replanting of seedlings.