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National Advisory Committee

Policy Directions and Guidance Act as Natl Grievance Committee Translate national policies into region-specific operational guidelines. Resolves grievance and complaints Grievance Resolution. Supply Side Augmentation and Monitoring Provide basic health and education services.

Regional Advisory Committee

Provincial Advisory Committee

Municipal Advisory Committee

National Project Management Team

National Project Management Office (NPMO)

Regional Project Management Team

Regional Project Management Office (RPMO) ,

National/Regional Project Management Team -oversee -provide over-all technical support on implementation and operations of PANTAWID PAMILYA. National/ Regional Project Management Offices -execute all plans, policies, tasks and activities in the implementation of the program.

As of March 7, 2011
National Advisory Committee DSWD, DepED. DOH, DILG, DBM, NAPC, NEDA, NNC,CWC, PCW, NCIP

National Project Management Office Office of the Project Director

Office of 2 Deputy Project Director

IAC-Independent Advisory Committee Secretariat: DSWD 1 PDO V & 1 PDO III DepEd Chief Level DOH Chief Level

National Project Management Team

Office of the National Program Manager

2 Deputy Program Managers

Pantawid Financial Management Unit *

Payment Unit *

MIS-System Devt & Analysis and Infra . Admin. Unit System Devt. &Analysis
System Admin. & Maintenance

Capability Bldg Unit

Social Mktg Unit

Administrative Support Unit-

Planning,Monitoring and Evaluation Div.

Strategic Planning
Monitorin g& Informatio n Managem ent

Beneficiary Update & Data Management Div.

Registra tion/ Cash Card Process ing

Compliance Verification Div.

Grievance Redress Division

Info. & Comm. Tech. Unit

Institutional Partnership Div.

LGU & Partners Agencie s CSO/ NGOs Partner s

Program Evaluation Unit

Benefi ciary Updat ing

Beneficia ry Monitorin g& Graduati on

CVS Opera tions

Data Analysis & Evaluation

Field Opera tion Unit

Data Analysis & Evaluati on

Intl Partners

Regional Program Management Office (RPMO)

Regional Program Manager Regional Director (Ex-Officio)

Regional Project Management Office

Office of the Regional Program Manager
Office of the Regional Deputy Program Manager

As of March 18, 2011

Regional Advisory Committee(RAC) DSWD,DepEd, DILG, NAPC

Regional Project Manageme nt Team

Financial Management Unit*

Operations Unit


Provincial Operations Office(POO)

Office of the Provincial Link

Municipal Cluster 1

Municipal Cluster 2

Municipal Cluster 3

Municipal Cluster 4

Office of the Municipal Links

Office of the Municipal Links

Office of the Municipal Links

Office of the Municipal Links


Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Chair Department of Health (DOH), Vice Chair Department of Education (DepEd), Vice Chair Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Member


National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), Member National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), Member Department of Budget and Management Council for the Welfare of Children Philippine Commission of Women National Council for Indigenous People (as a special member of the NAC)

Provide a forum for high level policy coordination; Approve interagency policies for program implementation; Review operating plans and resolve all concerns and needs requiring interagency actions;

Program Manager, Pantawid Pamilya-DSWD, Chair

Director for Planning and Director for Operations of the ff. agencies: Department of Health (DOH) Department of Education (Dep. Ed)

Director for Bureau of Local Government Development,DILG Director for Social Development of, NEDA Deputy Executive Director, NNC

Director Budget and Mngt. Bureau B, DBM

Head, Localization and Institutional Devt (CWC) Deputy Executive Director, PCW

TWG members may be represented by a Division Head designated through an agency memorandum as the agencys permanent alternate member to the TWG.


required interagency resource assistance; progress in different sectors and propose changes where necessary;



on any and all grievances, queries, and complaints that are elevated to the national level; and other program related duties and functions as may be deemed necessary by the oversight agencies



advisory and technical support to the NAC;

program progress/evaluation reports and recommend policy enhancement as necessary; the compliance of concerned agencies to agreed actions and recommendations;



Consolidate all inter-agency resource commitment; Facilitate the efficient information exchange among member agencies; and

Perform other Program related duties and functions as may be designated/assigned by the National Advisory Committee


Regional Director, DSWD Field Office (DSWD), Chair Regional Director, DOH-Center for Health and Development (DOHCHD), Vice Chair Department of Education Regional Office, Vice Chair Regional Director DILG Regional Office, Member Regional Director NEDA Regional Office, Member


Regional Director DBM Regional Office, Member

Regional Nutrition Coordinator, NNC Regional Office, Member

Regional Director, NCIP

Regional Directors may be represented by their Assistant Regional Directors or Division Head designated through an agency memorandum as the agencys permanent alternate member to the TWG.

Provincial Governor Chairperson PSWDO member

Provincial Health Officer member

Provincial Health Team Leader member

Division Superintendent - member

Provincial Planning & Development Officer member Sangunian Panlalawigan rep as appropriate
Provincial Nutrition Action Officer member

DSWD FO SWAD Team Leader member

Pantawid Pamilya Provincial Cluster Focal Person Secretariat NCIP Provincial Officer (if applicable)
Governor may designate a co-chair preferably the PSWD


the overall implementation of Pantawid Pamilya in the province for fulfilling the commitments of the provincial government stipulated in the signed Memorandum of Agreement with the DSWD.



Assist the DSWD Field Office in facilitating the submission of Supply Side Assessment;

Monitor the availability of the required supplies, services and logistical support provided by the target municipalities;


the compliance of the municipalities;


that the required support to the municipalities is covered by appropriate funds support in the annual budget of the province; technical assistance to municipal counterparts.



to the provincial government the provision of the necessary augmentation/logistical support to the municipalities;
a member to sit as representative of the province in the 4Ps Regional Advisory Committee;



act on queries and complaints on non-compliance to Pantawid Pamilyas conditionalities elevated to the province for appropriate action;
to the Regional Advisory Committee all concerns needing higher level intervention or resolution.


Advocate to other partner agencies and other non-government organizations (NGOs), Peoples Organization (POs) and other intermediaries to gain support in the implementation of the Pantawid Pamilya program;
Hold regular monthly committee meetings or as need may arise.

Conduct regular validation visits and spots checks to the Pantawid Pamilya areas.
Prepare/submit monthly/quarterly accomplishment reports to RAC. Monitor the graduation/exit plan of beneficiaries .


DOH Representatives City/Municipal Planning Officer City/Municipal Local Government Operations Officer District Supervisors City/Municipal Link City/ Municipal Budget Officer SB member as appropriate ABC President Municipal Nutrition Action Officer NCIP Community Service Center officer (for IP areas)


the overall implementation of Pantawid Pamilya in the city/municipality for fulfilling the commitments of the provincial government.



that education and health services required by the program are available and adequate;


the accreditation of its Rural Health Units (RHUs) to PhilHealth. the corresponding LGU counterpart funds for the enrollment of the household beneficiaries to PhilHealth;



the designation of counterpart LGU Links;

office space and other logistical support to the Municipal and LGU Links; the establishment of an efficient recording system in all health and education facilities;




progress reports on verification of commitments and supply of services and produce actions as needed to improve program operation;
and address complaints, requests, of poor families concerned; and



regular monthly and special meetings to ensure timely resolution of implementation issues. the PAC with a monthly/quarterly MAC accomplishment report of the including issues and concerns


Parameters on the Establishment of Provincial Operations Office and Cluster Groups

POO: Should cover a province or a cluster of provinces within a region. headed by a Provincial Link to oversee, monitor and supervise the provincial operations. a Grievance Officer shall also be assigned who will consolidate and ensure that filed cases in the province are responded or resolved.

The Provincial Operations Office

Extra Big (100,000 HHs & above )

Big (75, 000 HHs & above) Medium (50,000 HHs & above)

Small (25, 000 HHs & above)

Extra Small (Below 25,000 HHs)

Cluster Group:
Determines required staffing Group of adjoining municipalities with a total of 25,000 HHs. Municipal Link (ML) = 1,000 HHs/Municipality

1 Social Welfare Assistant + 1 ML in municipalities with above 1000 household beneficiaries. Provincial Link in provinces with a small coverage of household beneficiaries shall be equivalent to Social Welfare Officer III position.

implemented through an inter-agency cooperation between the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the ff partners: Department of Education (DepEd) Department of Heath (DOH) Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Local Government Units (LGUs)

Joint Memorandum Circular s. of 2009 signed by the agencies articulates the collective and specific responsibilities of each agency

Pantawid Pamilya
59 municipalities