UID Enrolment Errors & Resolution Tips


Types of Errors:
1.Gender/Photo Mismatch 2. Age/Photo Mismatch 3. Poor Quality or Incorrect Photograph 4. Name and Address Error 5. Name and Address Transliteration Errors 6. Relationship Error 7. Incomplete Address


1.Gender/Photo Mismatch
Scenario :

Operator gets confuse to identify the gender and name of the resident in cases like Leela Krishna, Radha Krishna, Rammy Singh, Prasanna etc. Operator unable to identify the gender in case of child/infant. The possible mismatch in this scenario will be like below.

 

Photograph is of female but gender entered as male.


Possible Resolutions:
 

Don’t hesitate to ask gender of children/Infant. Check POI and cross check with enrolment form.

Question Bank:
1. Find the gender in this case:
1. 2. 3.

a. male b. female c. confirm with infants parents

2. Find the error in below enrollment a. male against female b. female against male

c. no error


2. Age/Photo Mismatch
Scenario :
 

As per POI operator enter details without cross checking details. Improper Information from resident on age and date of birth.

Importing the details of one resident from KYR ,and taking another person photograph and age.

Entered “Male” against female Photo and given Year of Birth is not matching with person in the photo

Entered “Female” against Male Photo and given Year of Birth is not matching with photo


Possible Resolutions:

  

Operator has to check the enrolment form and POI for age and date of birth.
Any dought regarding Age and date of birth(DOB) confirm with resident. Before finalising the enrolment ask the resident to re-check the details For Illiterate residents, operator has to read out the complete details clearly

Question Bank:
1. Operator can enter the age approximately without checking the enrolment form and without interacting with resident. a. Yes b. No 2. Photo mismatch will occur generally in the following case a. Entering the details of one person and taking other’s photograph b. Without checking, whom details are entered and who came for photograph. c. In infant cases without confirming with infant/child parents. d. All of the above


3.Poor Quality Or Incorrect Photograph:
Scenario :
   

Background is not proper and photo-lighting is bad. Resident not seated properly during the photograph capture. Resident wearing cap, sunglasses, weil, scarf during photograph capture. Residents not looking into the camera, during photograph capture.

Incorrect Images:

Blurred Image

No Face

Poor Quality Photo

Dark Glasses


Possible Resolutions:

Operator has to check background-setup, proper lightning and seating arrangement of the resident. Operator has to adjust the camera in right position before capturing the photograph of the resident. While capturing the children photograph, operator has to instruct the parents to assist their child for getting proper photograph. Background should be white and neat. Distance between resident and camera should be 1½ feet, for good quality photograph.

 

Question Bank:
1. Neutral expression include:
a. Without smile b. Closed Teeth c. Open eyes d. All of the above

2. _________ is used to ensure balanced illumination during resident photograph capture.
a. Focus light b. Flash c. Distance

4. Name and Address Error:
Scenario :

Typing name and address without checking the form and POI document for spelling and complete information. Residents ask short name instead of full name, operator does as per the resident request. Resident won’t produce the proper Proof of Address (POA) Operator enters address details in short forms like Bldg for building, Rd for Road, Opp Meaningless for Opposite etc.

 



Possible Resolutions:

Operator should check the POI, POA and filled in application form for correct name and address of the resident.

Question Bank: 1. Which one is incorrect in the below address format a. James C/O David Rd no: 30, SK Nagar b. Rajesh C/O Rahul Road Number 38, Hydernagar 2. With the pincode, the application can auto suggest Village/Town/City field a. True b. False


5. Name and Address Transliteration Errors: Scenario:

After typing details in English, operator directly goes to the next field without checking transliteration Phase. At the time of typing House number, operator types in numeric, but in the transliteration it will not come in correct local language. While typing the words in English like Opposite, Besides, Statue, Near etc.

Difference of Transliteration and Translation


Transliteration not done properly


Possible Resolution:

After typing every field operator should ask the resident to check the transliteration in local language. While entering the House number in transliteration phase, copy the same content from English phase and paste the same. For quick access of the same content for same family members copy the content into word document and do copy paste from that document.

Question Bank: 1.What is conversion of the demographic data captured in English (dominant language of Aadhar client) to any Indian official Indian languages (such as hindi, tamil, telugu etc) called

a. Basic Transliteration
b. Basic Translation c. Editing d. Reviewing 2. Google IME is a local language IME.

a. True
b. False


6. Relationship Error:

During the enrolment operator types in relationship of the resident without proper information.

For Male category, mentioned as D/o

Here for Female category mentioned as S/o


Possible Resolution:
   

Operator should check with the resident in the relationship field what to be mentioned Operator can keep C/o to every resident default in case of doubt. Before finalising the enrolment ask the resident to re-check the details For Illiterate residents operator has to read out the complete details loudly

Question Bank: 1. In case of guardian the relationship will be a. S/o b. D/o c. C/o d. None of the above 2. Find the error in this case a. Photo not clear b. Relationship wrongly mentioned c. Name wrongly typed d. None of the above


7. Incomplete Address:
 

Operator used shortcuts to enter the address. Operator will not check the POA and form provided by resident.

Meaningless and Incomplete Address


Possible Resolution:
 

Operator should not use shortcuts to enter the address of the resident. Operator should communicate with enrolee regarding change of address in POA and type in the actual address mentioned in the form and POA. Before finalising the enrolment ask the resident to re-check the details

For Illiterate residents operator has to read out the complete details loudly

Question Bank: 1. Find the error in the below case a. Chowhan singh

Begumpet, Hyderabad.
b. Anil kumar Plot no 229, Sai Nagar, Hyderabad c. Shivaji Shinde House No. 1-267, A.G. Colony, Hyderabad

d. None of the above


2. Find the correct address a. Rahul Seth S/O Ramlal Singh Seth Plot No 546, Bhagyanagar Colony, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – 500011.

b. Chulbul Pande
S/O Vijayraj Pande F. No. 111, H.No. 1-8-32 Opp. Mansion house, Hyderabad. c. Arjun Bhagwath

C/O Mahesh Bhagwath,
Flat No: 101, Maheshwari complex, House No: 1-12/65, Bhoiguda, Secunderbad, Andhra Pradesh – 500032 d. A&C are correct

e. B&C are correct.


Thank You


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