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A product which helps your vehicle to make you reach your destination safer.

Speed Limiter

Every search for a product must begin with something that every product requires, a problem/ opportunity /want. So we should 1st see a problem which has given birth to this product.

Road Accidents
As India sees a sharp rise in sale of personal vehicles, it is witness to another unfortunate rise, in number of deaths in road mishaps around 1,05,000 every year, reports World Health Organisation in its report on Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. Breaking road rules, rash driving, and failure to abide by with the set speed limits is a common sight on Indian roads. Youth aged between 15-29 years are the most common culprits as well as victims of such accidents. The recent data released by surface transport ministry for 2009 shows 22.4% of accidents and about 20.2% of road accident injuries were caused by two-wheelers.

Speed Limiter Mini ( It is designed for less than 125cc segment vehicles) Speed Limiter Pro (It is designed for 125 cc and above segment vehicles)

Speed Limiter Mini

This product is basically designed for the vehicles which are used to commute within the city. The basic function of this device is to keep the vehicle speed within the limit of 50 km/hr. If speed crosses the limit of 50 km/hr and for 10 seconds it wont respond but after 10 sec it will automatically reduce the speed. That means if a person want to overtake any vehicle then he has 10 sec which is sufficient .

Speed Limiter Pro

This product is basically designed for the vehicles which are used to commute within the city as well as between the cities. The driving rules at highway are entirely different. This device will use radio frequency to adjust whether the vehicle is within the city or highway .

Tamper resistant Allows max pulling power Operates a fuel restriction mechanism Designed for Indian conditions Very few spare parts costs Low Maintenance Low Cost

Saves lives Saves Fuel Extends on Vehicle Life Saves on Speeding Fines Meets Mandatory Requirements At the same time increase profits: (Lowered speed means, Less fuel consumption, Less tyre wear, Less brake wear, Longer vehicle life)

The price for Speed Limiter Mini is Rs 600 (which can be recovered within four months if a person drives minimum 25km per day) The prices for Speed Limiter Pro is Rs 1200 (which can be recovered within five months if a person drives minimum 30km per day)

Distribution channel
This product will be made available at every auto spares store. This product is compatible with all the vehicles. This products comes with 1 year warranty.