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Warehousing at Arshiya International Ltd.

Types of Warehouses

Public Warehouse Private Warehouse Government Warehouse Bonded Warehouse Co-Operative Warehouse

Warehouses at Arshiya
I - Shaped Warehouse with dock area at both sides U Shaped Warehouse with dock area at one side

Some features of Warehouses at Arshiya

Divided into Aisles Super Flat Flooring Marshaling Area Mezzanine floor VOS Area Whole warehouse is equipped with Wi-Fi Dock Area

Super Flat Flooring---TR 34 SPECIFICATION

Super flat floors have firmer tolerances to weights and repetitive motion especially in thin aisle situations in which traffic is defined and adhere to specific paths. Super flat floors permit faster and more efficient workflow. They give full advantage of equipment overall performance and minimize equipment mishaps

Benefits of Super Flat Flooring

High material handling efficiency Safer working conditions for Lifting Equipment Lower maintenance cost on Lifting Equipment

More durable floor, longer working life-span

Marshaling Area
A location inside a warehouse where warehouse personals, material handling equipment move, cargo are assembled and prepared for onward movement.

Marshaling Area- change PHOTO

Aisle Space
The space between the two aisle in order to ensure the movement of material handling equipments in between the aisle.

Aisle Space

Mezzanine Floor
. It is the intermediate floor just above the ground floor.

Normally, mezzanine floor is used for storing cargo for a very long duration.

Mezzanine Floor

Material Handling Equipments

Fork lifts Reach Truck BOPT Battery Operated Pallet Truck HOPT Hand Operated Pallet Truck

Fork Lift

Reach Truck

Battery Operated Pallet Truck

Hand Operated Pallet Truck

Racking System Inside Warehouse

A number of metal aisles are built inside the warehouse Each aisle is assigned a fixed number A single aisle may contain a number of racks Each rack is assigned a fixed number with unique barcode in the manner : Warehouse no. Rack no. Cell no.

Benefits of Racking System

Fuller utilization of warehouse space To identify the cargo and its location in the warehouse To categories the goods according to their nature and type in the warehouse To effective use the space above ground level.

Safety and Security measures in the Warehouse

Every warehouse is equipped with fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. Warehouse is under 24*7 surveillance through CCTV cameras at different points of warehouse Use of diesel forklifts only outside the warehouse for loading and unloading of goods from the trucks & Containers.

Only authorized persons can enter the warehouse Identity card punching machine at the each door of warehouse.

Weighting Machine
Used for measuring the weight of the cargo for ensuring that the cargo is under the prescribed weight category

Weight Bridges
Weigh bridges are large scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that are used to weigh entire vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated.

IT Support
Cyberlog software is used in Arshiya which integrates all the activities in the warehouse with the main administration. In the near future, this software will be replaced by the Warehouse Management System (eWMS)