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Potato Chips

By Shorya Bisla

Potato Wafers (Crisps) : Market Size

The market has a few national brands, a large number of regional brands and a vast unbranded segment The market for potato wafer is estimated at around Rs. 26 Bn. Of this, branded potato wafer (organized sector) contributes to around Rs. 7.5 Bn. Frito Lays (subsidiary of Pepsi Foods) is the market leader in the organized potato wafers market In the last 4 - 5 years the market for branded wafers has been growing at 12 - 15 % While export market is estimated at around Rs. 14 Mn., import is almost nil
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Differentiation of Potato Market

Potatos Chips Namkeens Extrutions

Types of Manufacturers of Potato and its related Products

Manufacturers of Chips and Snacks Manufacturers of French Fries and Potato Specialties Manufacturers of Dehydrated Potato Products Manufacturers of Potato Starch The Potato Supply Chain

Companies in Manufacturing Of Chips and Snacks

ATOP Foods Products AUEVSS Limited (Fryo Potato Chips) Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. Basukinath Food Processors Limited BB Foods Bikanerwala Foods Pvt Ltd (Bikano) GCMMK (AMUL) Geepee Group Grove Limited Haldirams Himalya International Ltd ITC Limited Manpreet Foods Pvt Ltd Natraj Foods (Lip Chip) Perfetti Van Malle India Prakash Snacks Pvt Ltd Samrat Venkataramana Food Specialities

Companies in Potato Chips

ATOP Foods Products

ATOP FOOD PRODUCT is a corporate FMCG organisation, equipped with modern facilities, specialized equipment, and a team of highly skilled and devoted professionals trained with the latest technological advancements.

ATOPs Products
Namkeen Farali Chevdo Farali Special Sweet Farali Moong Dal Chana Dal Shing Bhujia Mixture Ratlami Sev Aloo Bhujia Bikanery Sev Ganthia Gol Boll Chips Simply Salted Tomato Top Mirchi Masala Chat Masala Banana Mari Chatpata Mast Masala Green Chutney Tangi Tomato

Distribution Network

AUEVSS Limited (Fryo Potato Chips)

Fryo Products
Chips Pudeena Green Tomato Red Natural Salt Mix Masala Cheese Onion Mystic Masala Chatpatta Tomato

Rings Tomato Masala Balls Tomato Masala

Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd.

Network The wheel of network is devised under the ideal distribution channel network. That ensures to supply fresh product in any corner of Gujarat within 24 hours. You can have Balaji snacks in every 100 meters of are in Gujarat.

Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd.

Wafers Plain-Wafers Chat-Chaska-Wafers Kela-Mari-Wafers Masala-Wafers Mori-Wafers Simply-Salted-Wafers Kela-Masala-Wafers Tometo-Wafers
Chataka-Pataka-Masala Chataka-Pataka-Chinese Farali-Chevdo Gathiya Khatta-Mitha-Mix Mung-Dal Ratlamisev Shing-Bhujia Shing-Bhujia-Nimbu Chataka-Pataka-Tomato Masala-Shing Tikha-Mitha-Mix Vatana

Aloo-Sev Chanal-Dal

Basukinath Food Processors Limited

Basukinath Food Processors Pvt. Ltd. engages every form of value addition to horticultural or farming produce. The group comprises of various divisions related to food processing industry, which includes farming, preservation of raw vegetables, transporting and processing of vegetables. We are a pioneer in the field of Out-growerscheme and have marked a niche in producing Agrade Potatoes for our own range of products like, Potato Flakes, Chips and assorted snacks.

Basukinath Food Processors Limited (Clientele)

Bikanerwala Foods Pvt Ltd (Bikano) (Products)

Namkeens Traditional Aloo Bhujia Aloo Lachha Badam Lacha Bikaneri Bhujia Boondi Chana Masala Cornflakes Mixture Dal Moth Ganthiya Kaju Mixture Kashmiri Mixture Khata Meetha Khokha Bhujia Matar Masala Moong Daal Navratan Mixture Peanut Masala Peanuts Ratlami Sev Tasty Snacks Bhakar Badi Bhel Puri Chatax Crunchy Munchy Krispers Mini Kachori Mini Samosa Natkhat Nimbu Panipuri Pudina Mathi Punjabi Punch

Distribution Network International

Distribution Network Domestic

Kurkure Masala Munch Hyderabadi Hungama Green Chutney Naughty Tomato Chilli Chatka Solid Masti Chips American Style Cream and Onion Spanish Tomato Tango World Classic Salted HipHop Honey and Chili Cheesy Mexicana Mango Mastana Tangy Twist Mint Mishchief Latino Style Hot Peppers and Salsa Chaat Street Bindaas Behl Style

Uncle Chips Green clasic salted

Geepee Group Products

Focus isolated to the state of West Bengal Chips Varities Masala Plain Salted Sour & Onion Cream Masti Tomato Papri Chat Namkeens Masala Mur Mure Tomato Mur Mure Chese Mur Mure

Grove Limited
Casava Chips Lime n Pepper Casava Chips Hot n Spicy Casava Chips Tomato Tangy Banana Chips Tomato Tangy Banana Chips Hot n Spicy Banana Chips Classic Salty

Namkeens Aloo Bhujia Plain Bhujia Masala Bhujia Neembu Masala Conflakes Mixture Kashmiri Mixture Kaju Mixture Panchrattan Khata Metha Bombay Mix Navrattan All in One Hara Chiwda Dal Biji Shahi Mixture Chana Jor Garam Moong Dal Masala Moong Dal Chana Dal Bombay Chana Boondi Aloo Masala Mint Lacha Chilly Chatak Lachha Moong Dal Cheese

Chips Classic Salted Pudina Treat Chips Spicy Paprika Mast Masala Salt-n-Pepper Boletos Chatka Masala Extrutions

Taka-Tak Chatpata Masala Taka-Tak Pudina Masala Whoopies Pillow Fights Whoopies Heartbeats Whoopies Masala Balls Whoopies Cheezi Balls Whoopies Chatpat Stix Whoopies Chatpata Chaska

Haldiram Locations

Himalya International Ltd

Mostly a supplier , no own products

ITC Limited
Bingo! Potato Chips Bingo! Mad Angles Premium Salted Mad Angles Tomato Mischief International Cream N Onion Mad Angles Chilli Dhamaka Red Chilli Bijli Mad Angles Achaari Spicy Masala Remix Masti Juicy Tomato Ketchup Mad Angles Masti Pickle Tickle Chaat Fiery Red Tomato Oye Pudina

Natraj Foods (Lip Chip)

Chips Sizzling Chilli Achaar Lime n Mint Jhatka Tomato Fire Masala Masti Pepper Attack Salty Dhmaka Cream n Onion Tomato Chatka Matka Tomato Fire Namkeen Aloo Bhujia Tasty Khatta Meetha Bikaner Bhujia Mong Dal Narratan Mixture

Crispy Koor Koore Chatpati Chilli Pudina Mint


Perfetti Van Malle India


Prakash Snacks Pvt Ltd

Potato Chips Plain salted Chatpata Spanish Tomato Cream n Onion Tom-Chi Nimbu Masala Culbule Chatpate Tangy Tomato Teekha Tandka Taza Tomato Puff Pudina Puff Tomato Puff Namkeen Aloo Bhujia Bikaneri Bhujia Khatta Mitha Mixture Navratan Mix Tasty Channa Dal Ratlami Sev


POS materials in the form of attractive danglers, posters, banners, display stand etc. Direct communication activities like product sampling, demonstration, participation in fares and festivals, school promotions etc. Mass media and publicity, TV commercials and radio spots, Press AD, van painting, out door publicity, Cinema slides etc. Periodical placement of market support and sales development personnel for the company to assist distribution.

Samrat Namkeen
Alu Wafers (salted) Alu Wafers (masala) Kela Wafers (mari) Kela Wafers (masala) Farari Chevda-mola Farari Chevda-thika Sing Bhujia Mung Dal Bikaneri Sev Ratlami Sev Alu Sev Chavana-mola Chavana-tikha Khatta Mitha Mix Chana Dal Chana Jorgaram Lushan Sev Ganthia Tum Tum Dal Moth Bundi-tikhi Bundi-Moli Nylon Sev Sada Sev

Venkataramana Food Specialities

Peppy Tomato Discs Cheese Balls Trio Racquets Eatos Ringos Startz Heartz Krackerz (Nice-n-Spicy , Cheesey Chutzpah) Chatila Balls SENOR PEPITO TORTILLA CHIPS (Jalapeno , Nacho , Salsa) BABY POPS (Tasty Cheese , Yummy Masala , Tom Chat) CHIPSTIX (Original , Red hot) CHIPNIKS ( Sea Salt , Tangy Tomato , Cheddar & Chives , Mint Chutney) WAGGON WHEELS PIKNIK CLASSIC CHILLI PAPRIKA CHILLI TRIO RACQUETS YUM YUM PUFFS

SIMBA RING-A-RING JUNIOR (Tomato Chilli , Mast Masala)

Manufacturers of French Fries and Potato Specialties

BB Foods Golden Fries Limited Himalya International Ltd Hyfun Frozen Foods (P) Ltd Satnam Agri Products Ltd

BB Foods
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Golden Fries
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Himalya International Ltd

Hyfun Frozen Foods (P) Ltd

Satnam Agri Products Ltd

Manufacturers of Dehydrated Potato Products

Ascon Agro Products Exporters & Builders Pvt. Ltd. Basukinath Food Processors Limited Potatoking Foods Limited Vegit (Merino Industries Limited)

Ascon Agro Products Exporters & Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Basukinath Food Processors Limited

Potatoking Foods Limited

Vegit (Merino Industries Limited)

Manufacturers of Potato Starch

Siddarth Starch

Siddarth Starch

The Potato Supply Chain

Basukinath Food Processors Limited KF Biotech Pvt Ltd Vegit (Merino Industries Limited)

Basukinath Food Processors Limited

KF Biotech Pvt Ltd

Vegit (Merino Industries Limited)