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Pre-Historic Era:

During this period, people use instrumented functions for mere existence and survival

Industrial Revolution:
During this period, people apply the concept of instrumented functions not only for existence and survival but also to increase the quality of life.

Modern Era:
During this period, people apply the full concept of instrumented functions not only for existence, survival, increasing the quality of life but rather to use as much as possible 100% machines for their day to day work, which unknowingly leads to tight competition among people.

Instrumentation and Instrument

What is Instrumentation?
Musical Instruments Research Instruments

General Definition of Instrumentation:

Instrumentation can be defined as the art and science of measurement and/or control.

or simply,
Instrumentation is achieved by using an Instrument.

Definition of Instrumentation based on Industrial Application Concept:

It is the application of instruments for the purposes of measuring, observing, transmitting, indicating, recording, monitoring and controlling of any industrial process variable. (such as: pressure, level, flow, temperature, quality and etc.)

What is an Instrument?
An Instrument is any device used directly or indirectly in order to accomplish an objective or task.

In instrumentation, an instrument is any sensing, measuring, transmitting, indicating, or controlling device associated with a process or system.

Responsibilities of Instrumentation Personnel:

The person responsible for the application & design is called Instrument Engineer. The one responsible for maintenance & troubleshooting of instrumentation system is called Instrument Technician. Instrument Fitters are responsible for direct installation of instruments during plant construction and major turnaround.

Instrumentation Functional Divisions

Analysis Division Environmental Protection Division


Factory Automation Division

Plant Safety Division

Process Control Division

How is Instrumentation Implemented?

Simple or stand alone system. 2. Complex system.

Simple or Stand Alone

Complex System

Instrumentation System
Instrumentation system is an arrangement of two or more instruments connected together to perform a unified task. Each instrument operates independently according to its specific task. Failure of one member instrument, means failure of the entire instrumentation system. The simplest form of instrumentation system is a Control Loop.

What is Automation?
Automation is a system concept that utilizes instrumentation system to perform certain task or sequences of operations in an automatic manner or without human intervention.