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Manuel A.

-An Overview

Prepared by: DARYLL B. BORJA BSN- 3B


WHO is Manuel Roxas?

First President of the independent Third Republic of The Philippines Fifth President 1 year, 10 months, 18 days of service

Congressional Career


Member of municipal Council of Capiz

Youngest Governor of Capiz; Elected as President of National League of Governors


Elected to the Philippine House of Representatives; Speaker of the House (12 years)
Member of Constitutional Convention; Secretary of Finance; Chairman of the National Economic Council; Chairman of National Development Company; Brigadier General in the USAFFE; Guerilla Leader

Congressional Career

1941 1945

Senate President
Congress of the Philippines was convened Philippine National Elections of 1946; He ran for President as the nominee of Liberal Party using the Nacionalista Party

July 4, 1946 Philippine Independence from US;

First President of new Republic

Last President of the Commonwealth

May 28, 1946 July 4, 1946

June 3, 1946 First State of the Nation Address

June 21

Urged the acceptance of two important laws passed by Congress of US on April 30,1946 to the Philippine lands

First President of the 3rd Republic


July 4, 1946 3rd Republic of the Philippines was inaugurated

A. Economy - proposed establishment of the Philippine Rehabilitation Finance Corporation - Central Bank of the Philippines - Sugar Industry

First President of the 3rd Republic


B. Agrarian Reform 1946 proclaimed the Rice Share Tenancy Act of 1933 - Republic Act # 1946/ Tenant Act C. Amnesty Proclamation January 28, 1948 Granted full amnesty to all so-called Philippine Collaboration D. HUKS Outlawed March 6, 1948 proclamation outlawing HUKs Movement was issued.

First President of the 3rd Republic


A. Treaty of General Relations August 5, 1946 Congress of the Philippines ratified the TREATY OF GENERAL RELATIONS United States Military Bases he was forced to concede military bases trade restriction for the Philippine Citizens and special privileges for US property owner/investor B. Parity Rights Amendment March 11, 1947 the Filipino people, heeding Roxas' persuasive harangue, ratified in a nationwide plebiscite the Parity Amendment" to the 1935 Constitution, granting United States citizens the right to dispose and utilize of Philippine natural resources, or through parity rights.

First President of the 3rd Republic


Two Failures of the Administration:

Failure to curb graft and corruption in the government Failure to check and stop the communist Hukbalahap movement

Manuel Roxas

If war should come, I am certain of one thing probably the only thing of which I can be certainand it is this: That America and the Philippines will be found on the same side, and American and Filipino soldiers will again fight side by side in the same trenches or in the air or at sea in the defense of justice, freedom and other principles which we both loved and cherished.


Manuel Roxas

After the speech, he felt dizzy and was brought to the residence of Major General E. L. Eubank, where he died that same night. On April 17, 1948, two days after Roxas death, Vice-President Elpidio Quirino took the oath of office as President of the Philippines.


Manuel Roxas
JANUARY 1, 1892 - APRIL 14, 1948