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A Picture Says a 1,000 words

Visual Aids

Purposes of Visual Aids
• Improve clarity of complex ideas • Improve retention of information • Provide interest and variety

Using Visual Aids in Reports
• Visual aids help communicate ideas. • Each should have a specific purpose. • Use and placement enhance the effectiveness of your communication.

Visual Aids
• Placement • Identification of visual aids • Identification of sources

Visual Aids
• Tables • Graphs • Charts • Drawings • Photographs • Diagrams • Maps

Developing Visual Aids
• Tables
– Word tables – Numeric data tables

• Charts
– Organization charts – Flow charts – Pie charts

• Graphs
– Bar graphs – Line graphs

Other Visual Aids

• Maps • Pictographs • Photographs • Drawings

To Improve Clarity of Complex Ideas
• Tables and graphs – easy data comparisons • Organization and flow charts - present relationships and procedures • Pie charts - relationships of parts to a whole • Bar graphs - compare differences and quantities
– Different data types at one time – Same data type over time – Multiple bar graphs – different items at one time

• Stacked bar graphs – differences within variables • Drawings – emphasize detail

Numeric Data Table

Organization Chart

Pie Chart

Bar Graph

Stacked Bar Graph

Planning and Interpreting Visual Displays
• Accurate and ethical visual aids • Colors—for color prints or presentations
– Identify different items – Show contrast of items – Create moods

• Shading and cross hatching (patterns)— for black and white copies
– Identify different items – Show contrast of items

To Improve Retention of Information
• Visual aids promote retention of information. • Slides and transparencies summarize main points. • Handouts promote note taking. • Physical objects appeal to vision and touch.

To Provide Interest and Variety
• Pictographs attract attention. • Maps show locations and relationships. • Photographs and multimedia stimulate interest.

Selecting Appropriate Presentation Aids
• Effective visual aids • Effective audio aids • Effective multimedia presentations

Visual Presentation Aids

• Slides and transparencies • Handouts • Flip charts and posters • Objects

Audio Presentation Aids
• Cassette tapes • CD’s • Podcasts

Multimedia Presentations
• Include several types of media— visual, sound, action
– Slides
•Audio •Transitions—dissolves, fades, swipes

– Computer projection links
•Websites •Podcasts or vodcasts •Blogs •Video clips