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Marketing Plan Presentation

Group Name- Excellence

To be presented by:Fatema Tuj Joheera Jarin Tasnim Md. Rejannobi Md. Miftahul Morshed Atikur Rahman Riad Shahriar Razin (Group Leader) Moyna Rani Biswas Md. Shahadot Hossain Sagor Moniya Akter Sonia Akter


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Chippy Mango
Delicious mango in every bite

Executive Summary
Launching a new flavored chips Offering unique flavor and nutrition Targeting segments Making profit The primary marketing sales objectives

Current Market Situation

Started at 1992 named as Amin enterprise then it renamed as Akij Corporation Ltd. Founded by Late Sheikh Akijuddin. At first Akij business was Jute trading business. manufacturing handmade cigarettes popular known as bidis and made a great profit. Akij food & beverage Ltd. present products Market Leader and Follower.

Market Description
Our market consists of various types of customers but our target customers are specially children as well as the youths. Who prefers always new flavors. So, we are introducing a new flavor of Chips. That is totally new in market. It is very important to target our segment because we have many chips business competitors. For the various classes of people in Bangladesh, we make product packet in different sizes. In the side of children, they are like some eye catcher sites. In this way, we provide a mango shape packet for our customer. Also children want some extra from anything that is why; we also give them a bonus in the packet that is a Tim Ball. Youth want to pass time and some delicious and new taste. So, we make our big packet size.

Targeted Segment
Target Segment

Color, New look, Gift, Taste

Provide orange color chips, sweet, Tim ball and mango size packet


Flavors, time pass, arrangement

Provide delicious tasty flavor, new flavor mango chips, big packet size

Product Review
New flavor Delicious & Nutritious High performance human fuel and a perfect high energy snack for home and office High in fiber, fat free, sweet and moist Enrich with vitamin C Easy to bear Anytime eating Always offer able We plan to introduce two new products, Sugar free Mango chips & Green mango Chips. The product offering the following featuresNo sugar for Diabetics Patients New taste of green mango & nutritious.

Competitive Review
According to our survey consumers most prefer brands are:


Potato Crackers Meridian


Potato Crackers 35% Meridian Mr. Twist Ring Chips Lay's Others Others Mr.Twist Ring Chips Lays

6% 8% 11%

Cannels and Logistics Review

Agents or Dealers Retailer and Departmental Store

SWOT Analysis


OT Analysis

Objective and Issues

First-Year Objectives During the Chippy Mangos initial year on the market, we are aiming for unit sales volume of 500,000. Second-Year Objectives Our second-year objectives are to sell a combined total of one million units of our three modified flavored chips and to achieve break-even early in this period. Issues In relation to the product launch, our major issue is the ability to establish a well-regarded brand name linked to a meaningful positioning. We will have to invest heavily in marketing to create a memorable and distinctive brand image projecting innovation, quality and value. We also must measure awareness and response so we can adjust our marketing efforts as necessary.

Marketing Strategy
Chippy mangos marketing strategy is based on a positioning of product differentiation. Our primary consumer target is children and youths who need new and delicious flavor. There is a gift for catching children position and attractive packet is for all type of people. This segment can be described for all type of people but especially for children and youths. Our primary business target is mid- to large- sized chips companies that want to offer a new flavor and delicious chips. This segment consists of companies with more than Tk 500 million in annual sales. We are targeting children and youths.

New product Target Customer New flavor and attractive packet shape

Product Strategy
New Flavored Mango Chips Next year productGreen mango chips Sugar free mango chips

Pricing Strategy
Chippy Mango will be introduced at Tk 10 wholesale/ Tk 12 estimated retail prices per unit. Our have 3 type size product. Those prices will be 12 Tk (14 gm), 24 Tk (28 gm) and 48 Tk (56 gm). We expect to lower the price of this first product when we expand the product like by launching the Green Mango chips, to be priced at Tk 10 whole sales per unit and Sugar Free Mango chips, to be priced at Tk 12 wholesale per unit. These prices reflect a strategy of (1) attracting desirable channel partners and (2) taking share from Lays, Meridian, Bombay and other established competitors.

Distribution Strategy
Our channel strategy is using selective distribution, marketing Chippy Mango chips through well known stores and retailers. During the first year, we will add channel partners until we have coverage in all major area and the products included in the major local stores and everywhere else. In support of our channel partners, Chippy Mango will provide mega box, bonus packet, product features etc. Finally, we plan to arrange special payment terms for retailers that place volume orders.

Marketing Communications Strategy

By integrating all messages in all stores, we will reinforce the brand name and the main points of product differentiation. Researches about media consumption patterns will help over advertising agency choose appropriate media and timing to reach prospects before and during product introduction. Thereafter, advertising will appear on a pulsing basis to maintain brand awareness and communicate various differentiation messages. The agency will also coordinate public relation efforts to build the Chippy Mango brand and support the differentiation message. To attract, retain, and motivate channel partners for a pull strategy, we will use trade sales promotions and selling. Until the Chippy Mango brand has been established, our communications will encourage purchases through channel partners rather than from our advertisement.

Marketing Research
Using research, we are identifying the specific features and benefits that our target market segments value. Feedback from market tests, surveys and focus groups will help us develop the Green Mango Chips and Sugar Free Mango Chips. We are also measuring and analyzing customers attitudes toward competing brands and products. Brand awareness research will help us determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our messages and media. Finally, we will use customer satisfaction studies to gauge market reaction.

Marketing Organization
Shahriar Razin, Chief marketing Officer

Fatema tuj Johura, Sales Manager

Jarin Tasnim, Advertising Manager

Md. Rejaunnobi, Promotion Manager

Md. Miftahul Morshed, Regional Sales

Md. Atikur Rahman, Advertising Analyst

Moyna Rani Biswas, Promotion Analyst

Md. Shahdat Hossain Sagor, Regional Sales

Moniya Akter, Advertising Analyst

Sonia Akter, Promotion Analyst

Action Programs

August, Launching a trade sales promotion. September, Formal production launch October, A trade sells contest November, Celebrities experience with Chippy Mango December, The results of customers satisfiction

First-year sales revenue Tk 500 million average wholesale price of Tk 10 per unit variable cost of Tk 8 per unit sales volume of 50 million for a unit . sales volume exceeds 70 million early in the products second first-year fixed costs of Tk 140 million

Tk 10 Tk 8

= 70,000,000 units

Tight Control Measures Early Warning Signals Given the markets validity