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HIV/AIDS is spreading at a very rapid pace. From the 3 AIDS cases in 1983, we Now have about 600,000 reported cases, let those who have already died. Most of

these AIDS cases, nearly 86%, young people aged between 20 and 49. In 1998 the number of people who were HIV positive, without necessarily showing any symptoms, but who were capable of infecting others, was estimated at 1,630,000. There are now 16 countries in Africa in which more than one-tenth of the adult population (aged 15-49) is infected with HIV Infection rates in young African women are far higher than in young men. The average rates in teenage girls were over five times higher than in teenage boys. Among women in their early 20s, the rates were three times higher in women. This helps explain why there are an estimated 12 women living with HIV, for every 10 men in Southern Africa. Studies show that public health spending for AIDS alone already exceeded 2% of gross domestic product in 7 to 16 African countries a staggering figure in nations where total health spending accounts for 3-5% of GDP. Since the epidemic began, AIDS has created some 12.1 million orphans in Africa.


Project Goal The overall goal of the project is to support the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania by strengthening the already formed awareness amongst young people. Project Objectives To establish and operationalize a YouthFM Radio Station solely dedicated to raising awareness of HIV/AIDS; To develop a network of YAAVs; To develop and disseminate public HIV/AIDS awareness products and publications; To produce video educational programs on HIV/AIDS To train youth on HIV/AIDS awareness raising strategies To establish database and carryout regular monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems for HIV/AIDS.

Central to effective and adaptive management of the project will be the

development of non-hierarchical teams to tackle implementation issues and management functions. The aim is to promote the incorporation of available perspectives and skills. At this stage, TAYOA envisages five internal cross-sectional teams addressing technical components. The teams will be created with partner agencies to guide the implementation and evolution of each component. Team mandates, and details of external participation/integration, would be developed with partners during the setup phase of the project. The key internal post for management and tracking of all these diverse functions and teams would be the project executants. An expatriate project advisor experienced in community radio and HIV/AIDS awareness strategies will also be attached to the YouthFM Radio Station project for a period of two years. His/Her role will be to provide technical advice to the project executants and project staff on issues relating to initiating and managing a HIV/AIDS awareness radio station.


The Project would be based in Dar Es Salaam,

Tanzania for coast zone (Tanga, Morogoro, Zanzibar and Coast). The implementation of the project will be carried out by TAYOA with technical assistance/backup and oversight from the funding agency. TAYOA will also form strategic partnerships with Tanzanian and international institutions.

A three-year time period is proposed for the project for the following reasons: Assuming equipment, staff, procedures and participatory work-plans are in place

within the first six-months; Given an emphasis on partnership work a two year period would be to short;

A step-wise approach to the project components is anticipated over the three-year

implementation period. Detailed implementation schedules will be developed in the participatory planning sessions preceding activities on each component. These will be reviewed revised as necessary, every six months. However, these specific component activities planned under each project objective are inter-linked. day project implementation of the project. Project coordination, oversight and technical backstopping will be carried out by TAYOA through the project executants. However, the Director of Broadcasting, Head of Drama, and Head of Information will be ultimately responsible and supervise technical implementation of the Radio project, drama studio and the desktop publishing unit respectively.

YouthFM HIV/AIDS Awareness project executants and staff will carry out day-to-

Source/number per month Adverts /1,000 month Studio living Programs (15 minutes)/40 per month Programs (30 minutes)/ 30 per month Programs (45 minutes)/20 per month Sponsored programs/ 10 per month Rate charged @ 50,000 @ 80,000 Annual income in TShs. 60,000,000 38,500,000

@ 150,000
@200,000 @ 200,000

48,000,000 @ 200,000 2,400,000

@ 80,000 Music and choir recording groups / 30 per month @ 1,000 Cassette dubbing and selling / 500 month



The YouthFM HIV/AIDS Awareness project will have

minimal negative impacts. After the liberalization on radio broadcasting sector, many radio station have emerged to provide the service. There are not less than twelve private stations operating within the country. This makes the listeners market more competitive and thus somehow affects effectiveness of YOUTHfm as the medium of communication amongst young people. This calls for well and experienced youth tailed radio and programs, and to work with other radio station staff for diligently and efficiently Youth tailed Programs.

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