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artist we have chosen is a young girl around our age, Josie Charlwood. She is a beautiful singer. She reminds me of a younger version of Kate Nash. She has sung many cover songs such as: You need me Ed Sheeran, Feel Good inc. Gorrilaz etc. But she also writes her own songs such as: Behind closed doors, Better days, Diamond eyes, Lands of make believe and many more.

Shorty has the power and energy that is fueled by the love and passion for music. As Shorty began to grow in confidence so did her style, she has taken her time to develop her own unique style which has been the out come of a life time of musical influences. There is no limit for Shorty, she is a perfectionist and will accept nothing less than her ability to create good music. She is an individual with so much strength in her voice and in the love for performing, she is something fresh and different with style and voice. She has been performing since the age of three using her living room as a stage and singing her heart out for an empty crowd. As she grew up she took great interest in acting and dancing appearing in school plays and being apart of her school choir all through high school. She is using the world wide internet to get more and more ears. Shorty is pushing herself to the limit and we all know that the sky is the limit. She is not just a girl working hard on her dream but she is a crazy, fun, loud and the most spontaneous person on earth. She wants to reach the sky with both hands and never let go.

Maybe you heard her and the band rocking the East Village. Or you wandered into a Brooklyn caf to find her enchanting the crowd with just voice and guitar. Or lush vocals and clever lyrics on the airwaves gripped you: "Who is that?" Who, indeed. If there were a simple answer, singer/songwriter Nicole Collins an anti-clich mlange of rock/pop, soul and folk might not be the fount of raw introspection she is. Since producing her first album in 2004, Nicole has been performing from the New York area at The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall and Central Park, just to name a few to the South and Midwest and beyond. Along the way, shes taken tunes to the national airwaves and Internet radio, and been featured in television shows in the city and across the Atlantic in Scandinavia. In 2006, she took Europe by storm, traveling to Germany, Spain, and Demark, where she performed at Tivoli Gardens (capacity 3000+) in November. Last year also saw the release of her new CD, "Not This Time," bringing her music to the next level with intensely personal lyrics and sophisticated arrangements to set off her stunning voice. As always, she is performing, creating and doing for-hire vocals - and racking up the miles on the parks running trails in her free time.