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South East Asia

Brunei Abode of Peace

Burma The Union of Myanmar

Cambodia Majestic Kingdom

East Timor The Rising Sun

Indonesia Emerald of the Equator

Laos Jewel of the Mekong

Malaysia Unity is Strength

Philippines Pearl of the Orient Sea

Singapore The Lion City

Thailand The Land of Smiles

Vietnam Independence, Freedom & Happiness

Christmas Island Asian Australian

Mainland South – East Asia
Country Capital Currency

Burma Cambodia Laos Malaysia Thailand Vietnam

Naypyidaw Nomh Phen Vientiane Kuala Lumpur Bangkok Hanoi

Rupee Riel Kip Ringgit Baht Dong

Maritime South East Asia
Brunei East Timor Indonesia Philippines Singapore Christmas Island
Bandar Seri Dollar Begawan East Timor Sentavos Dili Rupiah Jakarta Peso Manila Singaporean Singapore Dollar Flying Fish Dollar

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