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WormWorks Industrial Soil Factory Overview

WormWorks Industrial Soil Factory
• Enhanced application of worms to recycle and stabilize organic waste into worm castings • Modular & scalable design to accommodate any waste volume from 10 MT/d on up • Remote monitoring of environment and system to ensure continuous, high volume throughput • CSRplus offers full science & engineering design & support through entire facility lifecycle • Build-Own-Operate (BOO) or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) financing options

Stage I: Waste Audit
• Create ideal chemical makeup of incoming waste stream

• Audit pH, C:N & Moisture
• Assess source, volume & timing of waste stream

Stage II: Waste Preparation

• Removal of contaminants • Waste particle size reduced to 1” – 2” range for optimum throughput • Comparison of incoming waste stream to audit data

Stage III: Sanitation

Facility can include Anaerobic digestion to complement Aerobic digestion stage: 1. Anaerobic Digester:

Waste input for methane capture
Digestate input to aerobic digester to prepare for stabilization phase

2. Aerobic Digester
a. Waste input for preparation for stabilization phase


Waste is shredded prior to introduction to worm beds

Stage IV: Stabilization

• WormWorks worm beds are used to stabilize biomass • Continuous process; operating 7/24 for high volume processing in short time 30 day cycles

• Output of superior quality worm castings are immediately ready for agricultural/horticultural use
• Worm castings are screened and packaged for transport to customers

Stage V: Output Development
• WormWorks Industrial Soil Factories have 3 potential outputs for revenue generation: Worm castings, biogas & carbon credits in addition to revenue from waste collection

• CSRplus will work with you to develop the various revenue generating verticals
• CSRplus’ GreenScience division will develop go-to-market programs for worm castings, biofuel and/or carbon trading activities.

WormWorks Industrial Soil Factory Features, Advantages & Benefits

Small footprint

Can install and operate out of standard industrial building

Can locate in any urban area

No offensive odour

Neighbouring businesses & Can locate in any urban residences will not oppose area facility based on odour Designed for high volume waste input and castings output Can process large volume municipal

Fast, 30 day cycle

Option to incorporate biogas generation
Multiple revenue streams

Represents additional use of organic waste
Flexible business model

Revenue generation
Higher profit potential vs. other organics recycling options

Worm Castings vs. Chemical Fertilizers1


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