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The Catholic Church Today

• Let us watch the video “Epic” about the Catholic Church.

CLASS DISCUSSION • What is the video all about? What is the message of the video? • How do I feel after watching it? Am I proud to be a Catholic? Why or why not? • Is my way of seeing the Catholic Church the same after I watched the video?


JESUS – The Greatest Sign

The Catholic Church

THE BEGINNING OF THE CHURCH Motive Question: How did the Church start?

Compare and Contrast Activity

Xavier School Who is the founder? When was it/ She founded? Who were the first members? Who was the first leader?

Catholic Church

Xavier School Who is the Fr. Jean founder? Desautels, SJ When was it/ 1956 She founded? Who were the First nine boys first members? Who was the Fr. Jean first leader? Desautels, SJ – director Fr. Cornelius Pineau, SJ principal

Catholic Church Jesus Christ During Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13) The apostles St. Peter

How do we call the members now? Who are the leaders now? Who continues to guide the members now? Why were they founded?

How do we call Xaverians the members now? Who are the Fr. Johnny Go, SJ leaders now? The Principals etc. Who continues School Patron Saints, to guide the The Director and the members now? Principal Why were they To form “men fully alive founded? endowed with a passion for justice and the skills for development

Catholic Christians/ laity Pope Benedict XVI, Bishops, Priests The Holy Spirit

To continue the commandment of Jesus: to love and serve one another (John 13:34)

What is the Mission of the Church today?
… to teach the Good News of Jesus and His way of life to all. To all because the Church is Catholic - universal, worldwide community of faith.

What is the Good News that we share?

1. to witness to Christ by following His examples …To love God and others. …To work for justice and peace.

2. to heal and forgive.

3. to serve all people

…give something - the gift of ourselves for others …take care of the poor.

We Respond
How can I become a sacrament of Jesus to others? a good and true member of the Church?

Answer page 19 – B on a sheet of paper.

Reflection Questions
In what way is the Church a sign of God’s love to all?

Lord Jesus, help us to proclaim your praises throughout the earth. We want to be signs of your love. May what we do and say tell others about You. Help us to be your faithful disciples. Help us to bring about the reign of God.

• Llarenas, Mila. Grade 5 CLE workbook: We Encounter Jesus in the Sacraments • •