Ossington Community Association

A guide to OCA structure October 2012

OCA Objective
• To promote the flourishing of the Neighbourhood and its Commercial Zones

Catchment Area
• Neighbourhood: the Ossington Community
– Dovercourt (both sides) to Crawford (both sides) – Queen (neither side) to Harrison (south side)
• Not including Trinity-Bellwoods Park

• Commercial Zones of the Ossington Community
– Ossington Strip – Dundas Bend

Promote Flourishing
• Friendly, diverse, vibrant, safe, clean • Vigorous business environment for the Ossington Community and Toronto • Business/resident partnership • Vibrant culture: multigenerational, Portuguese and Vietnamese heritage together with arts and letters • Stewardship over the built environment

Member Classes
• Resident Member: any resident of the Ossington Community may join • Storefront Member: storefronts in the Commercial Zones may join by acclamation
– Merchant, non-profit, artisan, restaurant, bar, gallery, auto shop, distributor, architect, … – Storefront Members get a “slate” of a certain size

• Friendly Member: those residing outside the Neighbourhood may join by acclamation

• You may ask:
– How much does it cost? – When are the meetings? – How big a slate does a storefront member get?

• The short answer:
– Details are still being hammered out.

• The long answer:
– The procedure is explained in what follows …

OCA Structure
• Membership, Steering Committee, Executive Board • Exec Board acts on behalf of the Membership under the advice of Steering • Robert’s Rules-compliance: bylaws and parliamentary authority set the groundrules

Exec Board = Officers
• • • • • • • President VP VP2 Treasurer Corresponding Secretary = Communications Recording Secretary = Bylaws and motions 4 x Directors

Current situation
• • • • Membership drive ahead Operating under provisional bylaws Some provisional officers elected Inherited intellectual property of Smart Growth for Ossington (which has wound up operations) • Operating under Regularization, aim to get election together during the Fall

Provisional Officers
• President
– Jessica Wilson

• VP
– Alison Bruce

• VP2

• Treasurer
– Rob Corkum

• Corresponding Secretary = Communications
– Benj Hellie

• Recording Secretary = Bylaws and motions
– Scot Blythe

• 4 x Directors
– Jamie Angell (Storefront), Daphne Ballon (Friendly), Shawn Windsor, Michele Mondoux

Committee Structure
• Charter Committees
– Steering
• 21 open seats

– Finance
• Chaired by Treasurer: 2 open seats

– Program
• Chaired by President: 4 open seats

– Communications
• Chaired by Corresponding Secretary: 2 open seats

• Standing Committees
– Membership
• Chaired by VP with Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary serving; many open seats

– Rules
• Chaired by Recording Secretary with Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, President, and Director serving

Back to the FAQs
• Prospective members want to know …
– How much does it cost to join? – How big a slate does a Storefront Member get? – When are the meetings?

• … We’re working on it:
– Provisional Bylaws require Charter Policies to work out the answers, Committees have been tasked:
• Policy on Dues and Fees: Finance Committee under advice of Membership Committee • Policy on Storefront Members: Membership Committee under advice of Finance Committee • Policy on Meetings: Program Committee