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Ossington Community Association

A guide to OCA structure October 2012

OCA Objective
To promote the flourishing of the Neighbourhood and its Commercial Zones

Catchment Area
Neighbourhood: the Ossington Community
Dovercourt (both sides) to Crawford (both sides) Queen (neither side) to Harrison (south side)
Not including Trinity-Bellwoods Park

Commercial Zones of the Ossington Community

Ossington Strip Dundas Bend

Promote Flourishing
Friendly, diverse, vibrant, safe, clean Vigorous business environment for the Ossington Community and Toronto Business/resident partnership Vibrant culture: multigenerational, Portuguese and Vietnamese heritage together with arts and letters Stewardship over the built environment

Member Classes
Resident Member: any resident of the Ossington Community may join Storefront Member: storefronts in the Commercial Zones may join by acclamation
Merchant, non-profit, artisan, restaurant, bar, gallery, auto shop, distributor, architect, Storefront Members get a slate of a certain size

Friendly Member: those residing outside the Neighbourhood may join by acclamation

You may ask:
How much does it cost? When are the meetings? How big a slate does a storefront member get?

The short answer:

Details are still being hammered out.

The long answer:

The procedure is explained in what follows

OCA Structure
Membership, Steering Committee, Executive Board Exec Board acts on behalf of the Membership under the advice of Steering Roberts Rules-compliance: bylaws and parliamentary authority set the groundrules

Exec Board = Officers

President VP VP2 Treasurer Corresponding Secretary = Communications Recording Secretary = Bylaws and motions 4 x Directors

Current situation
Membership drive ahead Operating under provisional bylaws Some provisional officers elected Inherited intellectual property of Smart Growth for Ossington (which has wound up operations) Operating under Regularization, aim to get election together during the Fall

Provisional Officers
Jessica Wilson

Alison Bruce


Rob Corkum

Corresponding Secretary = Communications

Benj Hellie

Recording Secretary = Bylaws and motions

Scot Blythe

4 x Directors
Jamie Angell (Storefront), Daphne Ballon (Friendly), Shawn Windsor, Michele Mondoux

Committee Structure
Charter Committees
21 open seats

Chaired by Treasurer: 2 open seats

Chaired by President: 4 open seats

Chaired by Corresponding Secretary: 2 open seats

Standing Committees
Chaired by VP with Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary serving; many open seats

Chaired by Recording Secretary with Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, President, and Director serving

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Prospective members want to know
How much does it cost to join? How big a slate does a Storefront Member get? When are the meetings?

Were working on it:

Provisional Bylaws require Charter Policies to work out the answers, Committees have been tasked:
Policy on Dues and Fees: Finance Committee under advice of Membership Committee Policy on Storefront Members: Membership Committee under advice of Finance Committee Policy on Meetings: Program Committee

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