The Oil Empire

A GeoPolitical Warfield (Proposal)
Group 13 Pragya Rashmi Satbir Samra Sparshy Saxena Hasumati Vankar

Objective of Study
• Diplomatic relations • Trend of Supply & Demand of Crude Oil

Scope of study
• Oil World (1970s oil crises, Military resorts, OPEC) • Choke Points – Oil Gateways (Bab El Mandeb, Panama canal, Suez Canal, Strait of Hormuz, Strait of Malacca, Bosporous strait) • Pipelines – The Asian Corridors (viz Russian, Saudi Arabian pipelines)

• • • • • Historic and geographic aspects Oil reserves Political situation & Influence Implications of the Choke Points Reason and Implications of the Asian network of pipelines.

Probable learning from the Study
• Geopolitical environment of the oil industry • Impact of different incidents on oil industry • Diplomacy of the oil routes