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Submitted to: Dr.Rajan Sharma (Asstt. Prof.) Submitted by: Lovepreet Kaur MBA(5yr),4thsem Roll No. 14

Personal selling is the process of assisting and persuading a prospective buyer to buy a product in a face to face situation. It is a major promotional tool used to increase profitable sales by offering want satisfying products to customers.

According to AMA,"Personal selling is an oral presentation in conversation with one or more prospective purchases for the purpose of making sales." "Personal selling consists of contracting prospective buyer of product personally." -Richard Buskirk

Method of sales communication involves persuasion of customers involves winning buyer's confidence aims at providing information & services to buyers two-way process, benefits both buyers and sellers Educative process Flexible and adaptable

1. Making sales and persuasion of customers 2. Keep sales records 3. Achieving sales targets 4. Advertising new product 5. Demonstration of products 6. Increase in good will 7. Executive function 8. Rendering customer services 9. Winning customer's confidence

two types:
SHORT TERM OBJECTIVES: 1. to obtain a specified sales volume 2. to keep the personal selling expenses within specified limits 3. to obtain sales volume in ways that contribute to profit objectives by selling proper product-mix.

LONG TERM OBJECTIVES: 1. to provide technical assistance to customers where the products are complicated 2. to serve the existing customers 3. to make search for new customers 4. to assist the customers in selling the product-line 5. to obtain the desired market information 6. to keep the customers informed about changes in the product line & other aspects of marketing strategy.

OTHER OBJECTIVES: keep sales record increase profit through increases sales remove the doubts from the minds of consumer convince the customers about the quality of the product and credibility of the company


i. Presale preparations ii. Prospecting for potential customers iii.Pre-approach iv.Preparation v. Approaching vi.Presentation vii.Attention viii.Demonstration ix.Overcoming the objectives x. Closing the sale xi.Follow up

For manufacturers: increase in sales permanent customers increase in profits market information

For the customers: customer satisfaction educate consumers clarifies doubts communication service assisting customers For the Society: Higher standard of living Price stabilization

High cost Lack of efficient salesman Difficulty of reporting at right times Stake in customer loyalty