“The Love Song of J.

Alfred Prufrock”
T.S. Eliot

Let’s read the poem!


the poem’s lack of structure, Prufrock’s habit of wasting time, and his anxiety upon entering a social gathering.

deadly. and empty. What can this indicate? . Eliot  Prufrock wants the reader (you) to travel with him.S. The city is sterile. bleak.“The Love Song of J. he wishes to go to a party to talk to women. The reader is the silent listener. One major theme is Prufrock’s emasculation (loss of power and masculinity). Prufrock goes on a journey.    The journey begins in an undesirable city. Alfred Prufrock” By: T.

“The Love Song of J. he is unable to enter the social gathering. Michelangelo = David: very masculine A cat is portrayed in the third stanza.S. Alfred Prufrock” By: T. cats generally have feminine characteristics (emasculation). Eliot  Prufrock is in hell! The poem represents his downward decent (a social death)! Prufrock is staring in the window outside the party. Also. Prufrock also represents the cat staring from the outside. he does not enter the party. Prufrock continues his paralysis.     . He makes excuses. he procrastinates.

“The Love Song of J. arms or legs. Evening to morning = plunge! Prufrock is nervous that all eyes are staring at him.S. Eliot  Prufrock worries that other people will notice his imperfections. Time reference: “evenings.” Prufrock has a disordered sense of time. afternoons. mornings. Alfred Prufrock” By: T. There’s no use for the body. Eliot incorporates silly rhyme to portray Prufrock as a child. He describes himself as an insect pinned on a wall. focus on the eyes!    .

“The Love Song of J. stuttering. they move backwards. and anxious. Alfred Prufrock” By: T. They do not move forward.   Prufrock cannot advance. Notice the use of the word “and”. He is stalling.-   .S. Prufrock cannot advance in time. Another animal reference: crabs are pathetic. Eliot  Again. “Would it have been worth it…?” Prufrock suffers from social paralysis . he continues his decent into hell (death)! The next sections deal with Prufrock thinking about awkward conversations with women and being rejected at the party.

he is running out of time (death). He is still stalling. . Prufrock is paralyzed. but time is not. Another Shakespearean reference : Fool. He grows older.    Peach – Chinese symbol for marriage and immortality. Eliot  Prufrock is self-aware. he understands that he is “not Prince Hamlet”. Alfred Prufrock” By: T.“The Love Song of J.S.

death Prufrock. Prufrock overanalyzes little things: toast. and chaotic. Water (in this instance) = death Drown = decent to hell. . broken. Eliot  The mermaids in the poem represent women who ignore Prufrock. is fragmented.“The Love Song of J. clothes. Alfred Prufrock” By: T. like the poem. tea.S. hair… “Do I dare disturb the universe?”      Prufrock never enters the party.

Eliot  Question for reflection: Was Prufrock’s journey successful? Was it a waste?  .“The Love Song of J.S. Alfred Prufrock” By: T.

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