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Aquafina: Drink More Water

Brand Name: Aquafina Product Type or Description: Bottled Water Category for this Entry: Beverages/Non-Carbonated Campaign Title: Drink More Water Agency: BBDO New York Media Agency: OMD Client: Pepsi-Cola Co.

Marketing Challenge
Launched regionally in 1995, Aquafina had been in distribution for nearly a decade, yet it had never emerged as a clear category leader with a unique product offering.

Brand Insight
It was for this reason that Pepsi chose to partner with BBDO New York for help.

As BBDO New York began to explore the Aquafina brand, they made a few significant observations.

For one, agency learned that Aquafina was neither the owner of a specific category benefit nor a well-defined brand character.

The brand had managed to carve out little space in their minds.

Campaign Objective
to create an affinity between consumers and the Aquafina brand. And thats exactly what BBDO did.

Target Audience
Anyone who drinks water, but especially people who dont drink enough water. They know they should be drinking more; they have some sense that water is good for them. But theyre not exactly sure why.

Responsible Nurturers
Responsible Nurturers are 25-49 and female. Family and parenting are the most important things in their lives. Theyre enthusiastic about water because they know its good for them and their families. They prioritize price over brands.

Healthy Committeds
Healthy Committed are physically active and diet conscious. Drinking water is an important part of taking care of themselves. Also 25.49, this segment is more dual, without kids. They prioritize brands over price.

Creative Strategy
Right now, 70% of Americans are walking around dehydrated. They know that they should be drinking more water, but they arent sure why. And so they turn to other drinks to quench their thirsts, not realizing the extent to which drinking more water can improve their health and make them look and feel better.

Aquafina recognized this conundrum and decided to answer it with a simple rallying cry to Drink More Water, which became the campaign strategy and its theme line.

By educating consumers about the benefits of drinking water, and encouraging them to drink more of it, not only would Aquafina generate greater overall interest in water, but it would also position itself as the authoritative voice of the category and the owner of the benefits associated with it.

Moreover, if carefully selected strong visual imagery and established a distinct brand voice, it will had an even greater chance of providing Aquafina with the unique and differentiated personality that it had always missed. The ensuing campaign set out to telegraph the physical and the mental benefits of drinking more water.

Using a combination of smart humor, fresh iconography and evocative music, BBDO offered consumers a simple reason to drink more water and a memorable brand anthem to encourage them to do so.

Media strategy was to reach as broad of an audience as possible, but also to ensure sufficient coverage of its 25-49 segments and to secure placements within relevant content.

Recognizing that the New Year is a time for change, and that committing to a healthier lifestyle is a common one, BBDO chose New Years as a focal point of the campaign. The holiday provided Aquafina with an ideal opportunity to begin educating consumers about the benefits of drinking water and to encourage them to drink more of it in the year to come.

For three weeks, beginning on New Years Eve, it handpicked programs on network and cable TV that would complement resolution-based versions of its creative. Online, it placed messages within health & wellness and lifestyle sites.

Following New Years, media was flighted from March to September to coincide with Aquafinas key seasonality. Agency jump-started this portion of the plan with a presence during the Academy Awards chosen for its large audience and high-profile environment. The balance of its plan combined broad reaching network programs and targeted cable. TV was supported by local radio in highindexing markets for bottled water consumption.

Television Radio Point-of-Purchase Interactive/Online Other

Other Supporting Communication Programs

Drink More Water tie-ins (primarily signage) at independent film festivals and fashion weeks around the country to support Aquafinas national sponsorships of independent film and fashion. Total Media Expenditures: $20 million and over Compared to the competition, this budget is about the same. Compared to the prior year budget, this budget is about the same.

Evidence of Results
1. Create a +10% advantage over Aguafina advertising averages in key brand measurements. Copy testing not only met, but exceeded expectations, confirming that the Drink More Water campaign resonated with consumers.

In addition, scores showed that 67% of people were likely to drink more water after they had seen the campaign, and 60% were likely to drink more bottled water. Source: Millward Brown. 2. Grow total Aguafina volume by +16%. YTD Aquafina volume is up +20% vs. YAG, exceeding expectations by +25%.