Effect of Thawing Temperature and Time on Post Thaw Sperm Motility of Cryopreserved Jack’s Semen

R.A. Legha, A. Arangasamy, Yash Pal, R. C. Sharma and S. N. Tandon

Equine Production Campus National Research Centre on Equines, Bikaner – 334 001 (Rajasthan).

 Equines hold special position in livestock both for civil and military purpose in view of its multifaceted utility.  AI with frozen Jack’s semen is an important aspect in production of superior mules and up gradation of indigenous donkeys.  Various studies in other species indicated that thawing temperature and duration plays significant role in post-thaw motility.  Keeping in view, a trial was conducted on different thawing temperature and time duration to study its effect on post thaw sperm motility.

Five exotic jacks maintained at Equine Production Campus, NRCE Bikaner were utilized for semen collection and its preservation. Citrate- EDTA and Lactose glucoseEDTA–Egg yolk were used as primary and secondary extenders, respectively for semen cryopreservation. The semen was stored in 0.5 ml capacity straws.

Semen processing & freezing
• • • • • Semen collection Gel removal Microscopic and physical examinations Adding media and Centrifugation Decanting supernatant and adding freezing media • Filling and sealing of straws with cooled semen • Freezing in planner • Plunging in LN2 for storage

Post Thaw Sperm Motility at Different Temperatures and Duration
Thawing Temperature Duration Post-thaw sperm Motility (%)

37C 37C 37C 50C 50C 50C 70C 70C

30 sec 1 min 2 min 15 sec 30 sec 1 min 5 sec 15 sec

43.48±2.07 51.40±1.31 47.80±1.13 32.60±0.94 23.20±1.05 18.60±0.87 44.40±1.03 17.40±0.89

It is concluded that the optimum temperature for thawing of semen straws was observed as 37C for one minute.
However, straws can also be thawed satisfactorily at 37C for two minutes and 70C for 5 seconds only.

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