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(The Big Picture)

Prepared by Tom Peters/09.05.2004

Dan Pink

meaning—will govern. empathy.“The era of „left brain‟ dominance—and the Information Age it engendered— Is giving way to a new world in which „right brain‟ qualities— inventiveness.” —Dan Pink. A Whole New Mind .

” —Dan Pink. consolers. inventors. A Whole New Mind . lawyers who could craft contracts. big picture thinkers—will now reap society‟s richest rewards and share its greatest joys. The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind—creators and empathizers. MBAs who could crunch numbers. pattern recognizers and meaning makers. These people—artists. storytellers. But the keys to the kingdom are changing hands. caregivers.“The past few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind—computer programmers who could crank code. designers.

analytic to R-Directed Thinking: simultaneous. metaphorical. textual.L-Directed Thinking: sequential. synthetic Source: Dan Pink/A Whole New Mind . contextual. literal. aesthetic. functional.

Now R-Directed Thinking is suddenly grabbing the wheel.“Left-brain style thinking used to be the driver. A Whole New Mind . But they‟re no longer sufficient. and determining where we‟re going and how we‟re going to get there. and right-brain style thinking the passenger. stepping on the gas. LDirected aptitudes—the kind measured by the SAT and employed by CPAs—are still necessary.” —Dan Pink.

A Whole New Mind .The Big Three Drivers of Change Abundance Asia Automation Source: Dan Pink.

The prosperity it has unleashed has placed a premium on things that appeal to less rational.” —Dan Pink. spirituality.“But abundance has also produced an ironic result: The very triumph of LDirected Thinking has lessened its significance. emotion. more R-Directed sensibilities—beauty. A Whole New Mind .

India 350.000 engineering grads per year >50% F500 outsource software work to India GE: 48% of software developed in India (Sign in GE India office: “Trespassers will be recruited”) Source: Dan Pink. A Whole New Mind .

A Whole New Mind .Software‟s Enormous Inroads Docs Lawyers Accountants Source: Dan Pink.

A Whole New Mind .Agriculture Age (farmers) Industrial Age (factory workers) Information Age (knowledge workers) Conceptual Age (creators and empathizers) Source: Dan Pink.

“The MFA is the new MBA. A Whole New .” Mind —Dan Pink.

we must become proficient in R-Directed Thinking and master aptitudes that are „high concept‟ and „high touch. the answer is straightforward. Asia and Automation. in a which L-Directed Thinking remains necessary but no longer sufficient. A Whole New Mind .‟ But on another level. What exactly are we supposed to do?” —Dan Pink. that answer is inadequate. In a world tossed by Abundance.“What does this mean for you and me? How can we prepare for the conceptual age? On one level.

Source: Dan Pink.Design. Symphony. Play. Empathy. A Whole New Mind . Story.

Not just argument. but also … DESIGN. Not just focus.Not just function. Source: Dan Pink. but also … EMPATHY. Not just logic. but also … STORY. Not just seriousness. A Whole New Mind . but also … PLAY. but also … SYMPHONY.

Dennis Littky .

it‟s contrary to everything we know about what it is to be a human being. We know that reading and writing are important. not the former … and sometimes through written tests alone.” —Deborah Meier.“Thousands of years of history suggest that the schoolhouse as we know it is an absurd way to rear our young. For example. And yet we persist in a form of schooling that measures our children‟s „achievement‟ largely in the latter terms. Foreword to Dennis Littky‟s The Big Picture . we know that doing and talking are what most successful people are very good at—that‟s where they truly show their stuff. but also that these are things that only a small and specialized group of people is primarily good at doing.

The Real Goals of Education/Dennis Littky/The Big Picture *Be lifelong learners *Be passionate *Be ready to take risks *Be able to problem solve and think critically *Be able to look at things differently *Be able to work independently and with others *Be creative *Care and want to give back to their community *Persevere *Have integrity and self-respect *Have moral courage *Be able to use the world around them well *Speak well. write well. read well. and work well with numbers *AND TRULY ENJOY THEIR LIFE AND WORK .

” —George Bernard Shaw .“What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge. and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.

” —Message painted on a Met advisor‟s truck by his students (from Dennis Littky. Learning is talking. The Big Picture) .“Teaching is listening.

” —Joseph Hart. but very few who can teach their own capacity to learn. educator .“We have plenty of people who can teach what they know.

But all of our kids are instead facing the odds of an education system that is all wrong. The Big Picture .“From the media. and then gives a presentation on it that blows your socks off. we hear these great tearjerker stories of kids who succeeded despite the odds. The odds are against them because the system works against them instead of with them.” —Dennis Littky. … I see it every day: kids who people have dismissed as „dumb in math‟ or „uninterested in science‟ or „nonreaders‟ doing incredible things in these exact same areas because they were (finally) allowed to start with something they were already interested in. then decides to read a college biology text on cryogenics. A 9th-grade kid who „hates science‟ sees a movie about freezing people.

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