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Culture describes what people develop to enable them to adapt to their world, such as language, gestures, tools to enable

them to survive and prosper, customs and traditions that define values and organize social interactions, religious beliefs and rituals, and dress, art, and music to make symbolic and aesthetic expressions.

Globalization through Limkokwing University has given us a rare opportunity to be exposed to and interact with people from other parts of the world. They differ in terms of Values Face Eating habit Religious belief Dressing

About the Report

This is a report of the study embarked upon to find out the major cultural differences the Asian (Indian) culture and what is largely regarded as the West (European) culture. The purpose is to see whether there were difficulties in accepting or dealing with certain issues regarding these cultures and whether or not we experienced a certain level of ethnocentrism.

French culture is built on the foundation of knowledge derived from reason. In western culture they believe in individualism and freedom, people wanting to have absolute control over their lives. >The culture is more expressed by food, language wine.

France Etiquette Dinning Fashion

Giving Gifts

Interpersonal relations/communications:

The French are private people and have different rules of behaviour for people within their social circle and those who are not.

French Marriage, Culture and Family

Most significantly, single parent families have increased over the years and there have also been increases in the number of unmarried couples, childless couples, and single men and women.

Video of a Western Family

Indian Culture
The culture of India refers to the religions, beliefs, customs, traditions, languages, ceremonies, arts, values and the way of life India and its people Each town/villages has their distinct customs and traditions

Family Values
In India, unlike in West, the family plays a central role in shaping an individuals future. Family comes first Permission before accepting a job Which subject to select for higher studies

Richard kiss sparks India protests

The protesters said Richard insulted Indian culture by kissing the hand and face of the Bollywood actress. Indian court issued arrest warrants for Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty for their public kiss, something that evoked strong protests by hard-core cultural groups.

Arrange marriage As popular belief goes, a marriage tied with many knots will not come undone. This is in complete contrast to the Western culture where only two people tie the knot and experience has indeed shown us that it can be undone more easily. The divorce rate in West is much higher than in India.

Video of an Indian Family