Marketing a Jamaican NPO : Putting the “U” in S.C.F.S.

September 26, 2011

Name: Shane G. Bennett Course: Special Topics in Marketing Tutor: Ms. Celia McKoy Question #1 Entity: The Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union

Question # 1:
Marketing The S.C.F.S.U
Question #1: Explain the role of marketing in the following sectors and suggest ways in which marketing can improve the performance of an entity in that sector:


Question #1: Explain the role of marketing in the following sectors and • Define the term “Marketing” suggest ways in which marketing can • Give background of the company improve the performance of an entity • Highlight current practices • Give downfalls that sector: in
• Highlight tactics which will improve reach

Marketing 101

By Definition: Marketing is “The Management process through which goods and services move from concept to customer” (

 Movement started over 60 years ago on The UCWI as a tool to spread Christian faith and ethics. Formally established in 1952. Has two sub arms I.S.C.F & U.C.C.F  Offered leadership training, evangelism, discipleship and missions.  Extraordinary people from movement include Oral McCook (OGM), Alfred Sangster (UTech), Petula White, Stephen Jennings (Pastor) Kevin Downswell (Music), Rev. Dr. Stephenson Samuels (Pastor)

Marketing S.C.F.S.U

• Not enough visible data for sponsors • Poor real time and consistent communication with stakeholders • Timidity towards showcasing the true strength of the body

Current Practices
Marketing The S.C.F.S.U

If YOU had a NPO, what are some of the methods you would employ to increase brand recognition?

What does this mean?
Marketing S.C.F.S.U

Evangelists for Europe
Focused approach • Better incentives for potential sponsors • An upgrade in facilities • A stronger brand image • • • Employment Opportunities Stronger resource pool More effective in ministry

Marketing and the NPO
September 26, 2011

• • S.C.F.S.U can benefit from a re-thinking of its current marketing practices. Though Christian in nature, it is still an NPO and as such needs to prove its worth as having an excellent target market for sponsors and investors

With greater push in social media, e-mail blasting and text messaging services in addition to advertising and PR, this NPO can move from what it is now to what it can be

• Definition of term : • Primary data : 10 years experience in field

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