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histos "tissue"

pathos "disease-suffering"

logos "study"

a practical collection of color

photomicrographs of diseased human tissue

gives more emphasis to the

scientific basis of disease and clinicopathological correlations

Concise captions
Coverage of both general and
systematic pathology

more emphasis on clinical

relevance Amazon:
For beginners

the only dictionary of

histopathology currently on the market

comprehensive definitions

more emphasis on clinical


Amazon: For beginners, students, those who

are preparing for entrance exams

a bullet-point, tabular and diagrammatic


handy anatomical diagrams, guidance on

the Cut-Up with emphasis on core datasets

a special index for frozen section advice,

grading systems and scoring systems

where useful, differential diagnosis lists

and presents diagnostically helpful molecular and immunohistochemical findings

lab management and lab methods, to

Amazon: For histopathologists, trainees autopsy practice, cytology and all subspecialties in surgical pathology

best knowledge on the pathologic

diagnosis of human tumors.

latest ancillary diagnostic and prognostic

techniques so you can effectively evaluate and confidently interpret suspected tumor specimens

3,100 full-color illustrations provide you

with an up-to-date account of tumor morphology

application of modern diagnostic

techniques (including molecular genetics), and key aspects of differential diagnosis.

Presents correlations of gross

Amazon: For histopathologists, appearances to microscopic findings for virtually every tumor type with detailed diagnosis

case studies that prepare students for

the clinical vignette questions

numerous illustrations, clinical

images, and tables for reference and study

includes additional information on

male and female tumours and breast cancer, new images of clinical conditions, and several new tables, line drawings, and graphs

Clinical Considerations sections are

more consistently organized characteristics, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Amazon: For those who are preparing for
entrance exams

Study of all aspects of immune system in all organisms

Immunis exempt

comprehensive yet
straightforward approach to the latest developments

cover antigen receptors and

signal transduction in immune cells, mucosal and skin immunity, cytokines, leukocyteendothelial interaction, and more

to a nd Evolve provides informative lecture slides

discussions of the
WHO, Doody, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For students with basic knowledge
about immunology

implications of immunologic science

readable and concise

introduction with emphasis on clinical relevance

with short, easy-to-read

chapters, color tables, key point summaries, and review questions in every chapter

latest coverage on
regulatory T cells, biology of the Th17 subset of CD4+ T cells, and more

full-color artwork,
comprehensive glossary, and clinical cases WHO, Doody Amazon: For beginners

expanded coverage of
regulatory T cells, innate immunity, and dendritic cells

A companion Website offers the

fully searchable text

illustrations in full color and

comprehensive lists of references

Additional chapters on

Doody, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For graduate and post doctoral studies

only textbook written for

undergraduates by teachers of the course

most current concepts in an

experimental context

supports the first-time learners

new chapter on innate


For undergraduates

introduces all the critical topics

of modern immunology in clear and succinct yet comprehensive fashion

classical and contemporary

approaches, basic and clinical aspects

Each chapter is divided into

short, self-contained units that address key topics

uniformly drawn, full-color

illustrations Doody Amazon: For undergraduate and graduate

transmissible diseases or communicable diseases

(directly or indirectly)

caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi

clinically-oriented, user-friendly Complete and comprehensive

traditional organization of organ

system and pathogen-related information + pecific sections on the susceptible host, travel-related infections, nosocomial infections, infections related to trauma, and bioterrorism

post-surgical infections

Informative algorithms, tables,

Doody, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For practitioners, surgeons and high-quality color photographs

expanded and updated coverage,

increased worldwide perspectives, and many new contributors

helps you identify and treat whatever

infectious disease you see ; more indepth coverage of epidemiology, etiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, and treatment of infectious agents

online access of the entire book's

content- fully searchable-as well as access to regular updates on new developments in the field and advances in therapy

1,100 exquisite color photographs that

Doody, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For beginners to experts reflect real-life patient symptoms for enhanced visual guidance

explores the latest advances in the

treatment of pediatric disease, equipping you with unparalleled coverage of immunology, epidemiology, public health, preventive medicine, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment

para- and post-infectious

demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system, antibiotic resistance, and molecular techniques in laboratory diagnosis

complete contents online, fully

searchable, plus links to Medline and PubMed abstracts
Doody, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For experts

Organizes information both by organ

system and by etiologic microorganism

latest information on maternal

infections when they are pertinent to the infant or developing fetus, including disease transmission through breastfeeding

Diagnose, prevent, and treat

neonatal infectious diseases with expert guidance from the world's leading authorities and evidencebased recommendations

consistent, highly user-friendly

format full text online including references linked to pub med abstracts Doody, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For experts

encyclopedic guidance

to overcome the toughest clinical challenges in diagnosing and treating diseases caused by infectious agents from tropical regions

include vaccines, SARS,

hepatitis A-E, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, tickborne encephalitis and Omsk hemorrhagic fever, human papilloma virus, and mucormycosis

full-color images full-text online access at

Doody Amazon: For experts

prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases

Harrison's DVD with 57

additional chapters and exclusive video and tutorials

Extensively revised and

expanded by the worlds leading physicians

completely updated to reflect the latest knowledge and evidence, and important new chapters have been added covers more global aspects of medicine

WHO Amazon: For experts

focuses on core principles and how

they apply to patient care, covering everything you need to know to succeed on a medical rotation or residency

New chapters on "Pre- and PostOperative Care" and "Palliative Care," plus the integration of molecular biology and other new horizons in medicine, familiarize you with the most current clinical concepts.

Student Consult online access expanded International Editorial

WHO, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For students, instructors

Masterful editing and a user-friendly

full-color design

help you diagnose and manage

more than 225 disorders, signs, and symptoms

hardcover ring binder lets you

carry the sections you need and add personalized materials

fully searchable text at with practical information on diagnoses, treatment, procedures, and labs

latest clinical information, drug


WHO, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For internal medicine clerkship or


updates personally selected by

Dr. Lee Goldman

practical, well-organized, templated chapters that include evidence-ranked references and algorithms

Access the fully searchable text online

with expert, dependable, accurate answers from Dr.

Goldman and an editorial team

WHO, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For experts

current insight into symptoms, signs,

epidemiology, and treatment for more than 1,000 diseases and disorders

concise, evidence-based answers to

questions about hospital and ambulatory medicine

Strong emphasis on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine

New chapters and revisions Full-color photographs and

illustrations WHO, Brandon/Hill Amazon: For experts

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