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Retai ling

Experi ence -
T he Ser vi ce Way
Prithwi Tilak Banerjee
The true essence of Service world
“There are no such thing as service industries. There are
only some industries whose service components are
greater or less than those of other industries.
Everybody is in service.” -Theodore Levitt

“It is the part of the product or the full product for which
the customer is willing to see value and pay more.”

“In services, the last experience remains uppermost in

customer’s mind. Therefore, it is not enough to be
good, you have to be consistently best.”

“Service quality is directly proportional to employee

satisfaction. Specially in the world of re-telling.”
The evolutio n of th e Indian
re tailing

Historic/Rural Traditional/Pervasiv Government Modern Formats/

Reach e Reach Supported International

Exclusive Brand
Department Stores
Shopping Malls
Khadi Stores
Mom and
Village Fairs

Source of Neighborhood Low Costs / Shopping
Entertainmen Stores/Convenie Distribution Experience/Efficie
t nce ncy
The Mark eting Machine in
Serv ices Government

Marketing Concepts
Reinventing Environment Analysis
The Wheel Behavioral Analysis
STP & SWOT Analysis
Marketing Research
Marketing Mix Marketing
Retailing & the S ervice
• Customer is no more the King; customer is God
• It’s not a manufacturing business, it’s selling of
others’ items; hence experience is the last word
• Organized Retail is not just about fine logistics;
it’s much deeply rooted- it’s the total experience
• It’s not just about closing the Service Gaps as
& when they occur; it all about making sure that
a gap doesn’t arise in the first place for
• It’s not about selling goods or breaking the
bulk, it’s all about selling the feel good factor- in
Service Quality Gaps; A basic overview
The middle path is the best of them
Today’s cust omer know these

You must always have what they need in the store
• You will solve their problem no matter what that is
• You will care for their augmentations as their core
• You will be professional; they will not- as they pay
• Your products & services should always be finest
• You are trustworthy; only till you try to push sale
• Business is valuable to you; you’ll be commanded
• Customers expect you to be cheerful; till you drop
• Your job is to delight- ever if the products doesn’t
• You stand behind your customers; not profession
• If they don’t return- it’s your fault; they do- it’s Ok
The Best and ultimate solutions are
• Make the Intangibles be or at
least look tangibles as much
as possible by your beautiful
• Make the Variability at the
minimum with good planning
and judgments
• Make the Inseparatability
factor more enhanced to gain
loyalty at quick rate
• Make Perisability perish by
making your service
embedded in customer’s
mind for the longest time
Get the idea right with products

• In today’s world high & low service or physical content

cannot be judged by the business you are in for sure
• It’s all about the human touch that matters in all trades
• In FMCG rather, the service part is needed the MOST
because products are used up; FOND memories last
• All the industries needs to be service specific; be it in
B2C format or B2B; after all retail bulk always varies
Value Total
Customer Customer
value Cost

Product Monetary
value cost
Service Time
Value cost

Personal Energy
value cost

Image Psychic
value cost
A customer view of service quality
Reliability- Ability to perform  Be optimistic and enthusiastic
the promised service  Smile, be friendly and positive
dependably and accurately.  Meet all the customer’s request
Responsiveness- Willingness  Customer doesn’t care if we are
to help customer and having a bad day, so don’t have
provide prompt service.  Leave all the problems at home
Tangibles- Physical facilities,  Customers expect to get what
equipment, technology, and they pay for, your service too
appearance of personnel  Good attitude will make work
Assurance- Knowledge and enjoyable for all the customers
courtesy of employees and  What is talked is definitely more
their ability to convey trust important than who has talked
and confidence.  Complaint gives you another
chance to improve the service
Empathy- Caring, highly
 Some customer can be your
individualized attention the
next boss, so be very careful
firm provides its customer
The fully Delighted customer. The ultimate goal.

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