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By Alfie Banks

What is Bath University? Bath University is a university which has world class facilities; at present, the best university in the country, Awarded Best University of the year 2011/12. We aspire to create a world-leading sports environment for student, elite and recreation-level sport.

Sports they coach Athletics Badminton Bobsleigh Football Gymnastics and Trampolining Hockey Judo Modern Pentathlon

Netball Rowing Rugby Skeleton Squash Swimming Tennis Volley Ball

History Bath University received its Royal Charter in 1966. The Sunday Times has ranked Bath as the 5th best university in the United Kingdom. The University of Bath can trace its roots to a technical school established in Bristol 100 years earlier, the Bristol Trade School of 1856 Past Medal Winners Ben Rushgrove, Jason Gardner Team Bath tribe program - Trained coaches introduce children to new sports and develop their existing skills. They cater for two year-olds upwards with a range of after school and holiday sessions.

A world class venue TeamBath. Based on a traditional Japanese style, the dojo has been a training base for some of Britains top judo players, including double Olympic medallist Kate Howey. It is also used by student groups and for our Team Bath Tribe judo sessions.

Team Baths judo offering includes outstanding facilities and coaching. We provide: A world-class judo dojo Top-class coaching for performance athletes and for children through Team Bath Tribe Use of other facilities, including the gym and hydrotherapy pool Renowned sports science and medicine support A leading University scholarship programme Team Bath judo has its base in our purpose-built martial arts dojo within the 30m Sports Training Village. The dojo is based on a traditional Japanese design with a world-class IJFapproved tatami mats area that can be used both for judo training and competitions, as well as a wide range of other uses. The dojo walls are decked in wooden panels in the traditional Japanese style. Our dojo also features a drying and ventilation system for mats and judo suits. Within the dojo there are a series of crash mats that can be used to develop throwing techniques and some climbing ropes used to develop grip.

Jurgen profile Jurgen is 6th Dan and he is the Head Coach at Bath University. Previously, he was the Assistant National Coach of Germany he has worked with numerous world and Olympic medallists. Juergen began his interest in judo in 1963 and came to Team Bath 2006. He has been a coach since 1979. Not to mention, Juergen has a coaches academic degree from Cologne, Germany.
How effective is he? Jurgen is extremely useful to the University, in his past he has experienced National Coaching to a high performance level, with Olympic level athletes. With his knowledge of the sport he is very useful to Bath University and Team Bath.

What can the judo players use? All Judo players are entitled to use the following: Physiotherapy Sport massage Sport medicine Sport science support Strength and conditioning Sport nutrition Sport psychology Video & performance analysis What did Jurgen say about what he uses? Jurgens athletes use - the gym (working on fitness, strength and ignorance) .Outdoor tracks, Physiotherapy (for treating injuries and preventing others). Sport psychology (for players feeling low and down about their injuries, and other mental problems). Does it help performance? Sport science does help performance as it does help athletes recover from various injuries, physically and mentally. It also helps them prevent the injuries. If the Judo players was not allowed to use this service, they wouldnt be able to recover successfully from injuries and this could lead to a drop in skill levels, fitness and even participants.

What funding for elite athletes is there? Bath University did not receive any funding from the British Judo Association, because the University itself has a range of top class facilities therefore is unnecessary to receive any form of funding.

Overall, Bath University offers amazing facilities for the Judo players to use, experienced qualified coaches, and sport science related services. In my opinion, the Judo players are given a great opportunity to use such professional facilities.

Team Bath offers a full range of badminton from performance players seeking to represent their country to sessions for children, young people and recreational players. Team Bath host one of Badminton Englands two High Performance Centres and have an impressive track record of developing players that have gone on to represent England at senior level. Badminton have 50 Badminton Players all together, and there are 4 Players in the High Performance squad (the high performance squad train 5 times a week).

Indoor Badminton Court with a sprung wood floors in both the main Sports Hall and the Founders Hall are ideal both for performance players and for a recreational game and are perfect as a venue for badminton tournaments at all levels. Gym They use the gym in order to keep fit.
Outdoor Track Use the track to keep fit and improve ignorance. Nutrition Coach Keep healthy and have a healthy diet.

Physio Sport and Science Help athletes recover from injuries and to motivate if they are feeling mentally down.
Strength and Conditioning Coaches - The responsibilities are for the players to improve on their weaknesses.

Petes profile Pete is the Head Badminton Coach at Bath University. Pete is a very good coach, he has the most experience. Containing, 13 Caps for England, and coached many champion level players of the highest standard.
Pete has a huge impact on the players holding all that knowledge and knowing so much about the sport, he has a lot to offer and give to the players he coaches!

What do they use? Does it help?

The Badminton Sport Science Support use the following: Physiotherapy Sport massage, Strength and conditioning, Sport nutrition, Sport psychology, and they use many more! This helps because it helps the players recover successfully from injury; which will benefit them with playing the sport. Sport psychology is very useful because if the players are mentally drained and feel somewhat down, sport psychology offers motivation and encouragement.

There is one player who receives funding from Badminton England, and he is in the High Performance squad. He receives kit for free or at a discounted price.
The University doesnt receive any funding from Badminton England, the only thing they do receive is free Shuttle-Cocks because they have a large amount of participants within the Badminton Squad.

In my opinion, Badminton at Bath University offers a great deal of qualified experienced coaches and top of the range facilities. Being involved within the Badminton Team would be a great opportunity and extremely beneficial.






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Overall, I think Bath University provide the most amazing facilities, this is proven because some of the best athletes have trained at the University, for example Dai Greene, Jason Gardner, Ben Rushgrove and many more! In my opinion, Bath University provide exceptionally professional facilities and it is definitely one of the Best Universities within the country.