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Presented By: Group 8 Aon Kumar Paromita Srikanth Vishal

John Kirchner The President of Merit Corporation. Leading manufacture in Product Childrens Furniture Business got passed over from his grandfather to his father and from his father to him. Kirchner is 54 and is looking for early retirement but before that he is about his new product development in his firm in Boston.

Developed by a series of temporary task forces. Existing management groups became members of NPD. Every 6 months there was concentration on Npd by members. System worked very well.

Increasing need to lighter ,yet more durable furniture. Birth rate went down,people less willing to spend money on juvenile furniture. Good quality with less price. Increasing competitors in furniture market.

Christopher Kane: worked for McKinsey in a variety of areas including marketing diversification and system analysis. Raynor Carney: Extensive political experience and served as a fund raiser and a primary developer for low cost housing project Mathew Kiris: Has been consultant to the Deptt. Of public health both in U.S and Japan. Suzanne Tashman: Worked for a law firm for two years. Joan Waters: worked in financial institution after receiving MBA

Robert Vidreaux: Degree in Social relations Andrew Jacobson: System analyst, involved

in environmental and consumer issues,founder of public interest research grp John Ohara: Sculptor and painter

Group norms :Flexibility without affecting

Brainstorming :technique to elicit ideas for

achieving daily tasks

Cohesiveness:resulted into successful npd

Two or more freely interacting people with

shared norms and goals and a common identity. In the case John kirschner grandfather had started the business and now early retirement.

Group was moved downstairs with the rest

of the staff and wasnt located next to one another . Restricted framework or timings hindered group norms. There was Minimal interaction amongst all which leads to low motivation levels. They could not lunch together which stopped brainstorming as well.

This led to dissatisfaction among all


many people resigned.

Disbanding of group by Kimball and assigning

the remaining individuals to regular departments.

Kirschner accepted the explanation about the

disbanding of the group given by Kane and decided to not to pursue matter any further.

Roy should go with the same procedure

because it was a success and shoud not have changed it . Kirschner should have gone into the details about what went wrong either from Kane or from others who had already left the group. Incorporate Management By Objective(MBO).