SAWG Letter and Ground-Based Archiving

AAAC, Feb 16, 2005 Alan Smale, Universe Division NASA HQ

Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005

Science Archive Working Group
Charter: The Science Archives Working Group (SAWG) will serve as a standing working group for both the Structure and Evolution of the Universe (SEU) and Origins Subcommittees of the Space Science Advisory Committee. It will provide assistance on topics and issues concerning science data management, science data archives, and computational science. The group will discuss issues pertinent to the Program Executives for MO&DA and Program Executives for science data and computing technology programs within the A&P Division. Some specific functions to be performed:
– Provide assistance on all issues concerning science data management, data archive centers and services, and computer and data systems technologies; – Serve as a sounding board for data management, archiving, and computing concepts and issues; – Inform the science community of science archives policies and missions; – Present the views of the community on these issues; and – Provide guidance on the content of, and the priorities among, data archive centers and services.
Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005


Science Archive Working Group
• Chair is a member of the SEU or Origins subcommittee; the Deputy Chair is a member of the other. • Three-year terms, rotating. • Current Membership:
Joel Bregman, Michigan (chair) Julian Borrill, UCB/NERSC Roger Brissenden, SAO David Ciardi, MSC Menas Kafatos, GMU Carol Lonsdale, IPAC Tom McGlynn, NASA/GSFC Steve Murray, CfA Susan Neff, NASA/GSFC Bill Oegerle, NASA/GSFC (deputy) Gordon Squires, Spitzer/IPAC Rick White, STSci

Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005

NASA and Ground-Based Data
• SAWG is sometimes asked its opinion regarding whether  NASA should archive ground­based data. • SAWG’s general position is that ground­based data should  be archived by the ground­based community (funded by  NSF, DOE where appropriate. • Division is not clear­cut, stemming from a NASA presence  in ground­based observing. • Tremendous synergy between space­based and ground­ based data sets. • Two examples: Keck, SDSS. • SAWG requests a policy statement regarding the archiving  of ground­based data at NASA­funded archive centers
Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005

Example 1: Keck
• NASA receives a minority fraction of the observing time at the Keck  Observatory, to support studies of planets in the Solar System and  around other stars. • NASA established an archive to collect these data (largely taken with  HIRES). • No general archive exists for the non­NASA data. With a little  additional effort, all HIRES data could be archived at the Keck  Observatory Archive. • Most sensible course would be for majority Keck members (Caltech,  U. Hawaii, U. Calif) to develop archive jointly with NASA, sharing  costs. • If not, should NASA still proceed in archiving all Level 0 HIRES data,  given the modest cost of the augmentation and likely benefits…?

Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005

Example 2: SDSS
• Sloan Digital Sky Survey: archived at Fermilab, properly  formatted, but with no long­term home. • SDSS team has raised issue of whether this archive could  be taken over by an existing NASA archive center. • (Precedent: Digital Sky Survey.) • SAWG believes SDSS is a perfect example of a project  where the NSF or DOE can start doing serious archiving  work, and NASA archives can offer experience.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005

SAWG request
(1) SAWG does not request rulings on these examples, but  rather a general statement on NASA policy regarding the  archiving of ground­based data, as this crosses the  boundaries between Agencies. (2) SAWG would like to know whether the AAAC has  formulated (or may in the future formulate) any general  policies relating to archiving of ground­based data, and  whether there is a vision for the formation of archives from  ground­based observatories.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee, 15-16 Feb 2005