Green Computing

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What is Green Computing???
• Green Computing • Objective of the program – Triple bottom line ( People, Planet, Profit) • Goals • Reasons for Green Movement

How was the movement started??
• 1992 Energy Star program • TCO Certification (CRT) • E – Waste Disposal • Environmental Pollution • Shocking Bills

TCO Certification
• Ergonomics : High visual ergonomic requirements for displays, which entails high image quality and excellent color reproduction. • Emissions :Considerable reduction of magnetic and electrical fields. Minimized electrostatic fields. • Energy : Low energy consumption for reduced environmental impact. The energy saving function provides a better indoor climate through reduced heat emission, which results in retained air humidity. • Ecology : The manufacturer shall be certified according to ISO 14001.

• From the Government Side
– Energy Star – RoHS – WEEE

• From Industry
– CSCI – GCIO – EPEAT – Green Grid

The Demons
• • • • • • • Data Centers Servers Chilling Of Data Print Wisely Power Supply Storage Display Materials


• Process of running 2 or more logical computer systems on one set of physical hardware •Advantages (cooling, Movement, maintainability) •Physical -2- Virtual transformation

Triple Convergence Pyramid

Material Management
• RoHS restricts 6 hazardous materials
– Lead – Mercury – Cadmium – Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) – Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) – Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)

Energy Efficient Computing
• • • • Use of “ Thin Clients”. Go FLAT !!! Activate Power Management Features The Best Screen Saver is “NO Screen Saver” !!! • Use Paper-less methods for Communication • Use Small monitors.. • Recycle cartridges and buy non-petroleum based inks..

• CPU is a Valuable Source !!! • Take back policy

• Working from home • Reduces travelling • Motto is “work is something you do, not something you travel to”. • Associated technologies are
– VPN – Video conferencing – VoIP

• Voice communications over internet • Reduces telephone copper wire use

Role of IT Vendors


• Before the end of 2008 two of Google's facilities will run on 100% recycled water • By 2010 we expect recycled water to provide 80% of our total water consumption.

To assess the efficiency of data centers Google use the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric

PUE of 2.0 indicates that for every watt of IT power, an additional watt is consumed to cool and distribute power to the IT equipment.

Data centre Best Practices
• Me asu re PU E. Know data center's efficiency performance by measuring energy consumption and frequent PUE monitoring. • Ma nage ai r fl ow. Good air flow management is a fundamental to efficient data center operation.. • • Adjust the the rm osta t. Us e fr ee co ol ing. Water or air-side economizers can greatly improve energy efficiency. • Opti mize power dist ri buti on .  Whenever possible use high-efficiency transformers and UPS systems. • Buy effi ci ent se rv ers.  Specify high-efficient servers and data storage systems. 

five step plan
• Minimize electricity used by servers • Reduce the energy used by the data center facilities themselves • Conserve precious fresh water by using recycled water instead • Reuse or recycle all electronic equipment that leaves our data centers • Engage with our peers to advance smarter energy practices

• • • •

Product Design Materials Energy Efficiency Recycling

Materia ls
• Lead: Apple completely eliminated the use of lead in 2006.(CRT, Batteries) • Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs) : Apple is also eliminating all bromine containing compounds typically found in flexible printed circuits, connectors, electrical components etc. • Beryllium: Beryllium is added to copper in minute quantities to improve the reliability of internal parts that are subjected to repeated mechanical stresses. • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Apple is banning all forms of chlorine containing materials typically found in paints, inks, shock mounts and adhesives.

• Arsenic: Arsenic is added during the manufacturing of high-performance glass used in displays to prevent defects. Since 2008 Apple has introduced arsenic free display glass • Mercury: Apple initiated the transition to mercury-free LED backlighting in June 2007.

Apple’s Green Way..

Sales After Movement

• Project Big Green • Five steps of Big Blue to become Green
– Diagnose – Build – Virtualize – Manage – Cool

• A Taiwan Based Company • Carbon Free Computing • Solar Computing • Lead free and RoHS Computing

VIA Lead Free Processor

• Bio Battery

Bio battery

Tips For Going Green…
• Good Bye to CRT • Use Lap tops • Look for Energy star Label while Purchase • Disable Screen Saver • Invoke Power Options • Switch off when not in USE

In Home…
• Check Mail in mobile devices if possible • Take old CRT to Recycling centre • Use Natural Ventilation instead if A/C • Connect internet only if necessary • Login to Wi-Fi network same time

In Office…
• Use low power Blade Servers • Use smart thermostats in the server room • LCD thin clients • Buy Green Labeled PC’s • Recycle internal papers

Future ???

Green Computing.. For Today’s Tomorrow…

Th ank You …