Working in the establishment of the First Independent Fundamental Baptist Church at San Francisco de Macorís.

Remeber is the third most important city of the Dominican Republic, with around half million of habitants, as well as the city with more drug dealers.

Driving 4 times per week, for one hour and a half looking for the building for church, a house to live, the phone company, the power company, etc… and getting to know the place to start the church as soon as possible.

Way back home, one of the normal things you see at the road.

One wheel had problems we had to stop to fix it, here kids since very young age are send to the streets to ask money or to work.

25% of dominicans don´t know either to write or to read. Hundred of kids live at the streets. But even tough the Lord loves there souls, and so do I. There is much to do, but with the guide and help of the Lord the Dominican Republic will be for Christ.

On time

And out of time

We have everything packed ready to move.

Looking diligently for a house which we can pay, also A Cheap transportation to take our things.

Thanks God we found one house, but we can not move until the lawyer repairs some important things of the house. We are praying to the Lord that he may allow us to move to the house the 19th of January or before. We must make a double payment plus an extra one for the lawyer, which the law ask for. Always moving house represents alot of payments, but this is good because this allow us to see the hand of God working in every moment and requires us ti remember we must depend on him. Contracts of power, water and phone must be also done, as well as paying the transportation, but what a big and faithful God we have, what a privilege what an honor we have of been called Servants of the Highest who never leaves us alone.

I am really thanked of all the help Trinity Baptist Church, Dr. Bob and his wife has done for us. You are part of this ministry. My desire is that next presentation Lord willing will be finally of the first church service at San Francisco de Macoris. Many people comming to Christ, getting baptized and discipling, that is why I am here, that is my goal. Altough I can´t go visit you, I do hope you can come and visit us, and I can´t go with out showing you what is waiting for you:

Once again

Dominicans sell pig at the street, they where selling the pig for 150 dollars, don´t worry we didn´t buy it. Actually I wouldn´t recommend you to do it my big experience has send me several times to the hospital, but what I can recommend you is to continue praying for us, we love the Dominicans and we really believe the Lord wants to do big things at this land. Thanks God for all your support may God pay you back all what you do for me. Your help is not in vain, keep strong and faithfully in Christ.

In Christ, Your friend and brother, Diego J. Valverde B. I.F. Baptist Missionary to the Dominican Rep.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. I Corinthians 15:58