Permaculture & Half-Farmer-Half-X ( 半農半 X) (TransFarmer

Rediscover your life’s true X through Permaculture Eco-Village

"Half-Farmer, Half-X" ( 半農半 X)
• Mr. Naoki Shiomi, is the originator of the "Half-Farmer, Half-X" ( 半農半 X) concept and authored the book carrying the same title, and founded the "Half-Farmer, Half-X Research Center” at Ayabe, Kyoto, Japan. • The phrase, "Half-Farmer, Half-X" is drawing much attention as the new key phrase for a lifestyle, a way of life, for the 21st century. "Half-Farmer" refers to "a lifestyle with a touch of farming," and the X in "Half-X" refers to an individual's profession / passion / purpose or social mission or natural calling. • The synergy is inspiring / enlightening to the individual’s pursuit of wealth / health / happiness, while making real contributions to the world.

"Half-Farmer, Half-X" ( 半農半 X) ...
• This concept can form an excellent alliance with Permaculture. • Due to its transformational nature of the alliance, I would prefer to call those joining in the movement as TransFarmers ….. transforming themselves, the earth and the world.

Become a true TransFarmer
• • • • • • • • Get to know more about Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture and / or Permanent Culture) that can transform you permanently for the better, physically, financially, mentally, socially and spiritually. Become co-owner of 10-acre Agro-Forestry land that allows you to participate actively in Permaculture, as perpetual member of the eco-village / co-housing. Have your own week-end chalet, PLUS a bonus chalet for re-sale at the Permaculture site. Rediscover your life’s true X, and be better equipped to pursue your profession / passion / purpose via Permaculture practices / principles. Business start-up or training and consulting opportunities as solopreneur / technopreneur / biopreneur. Share in recurrent incomes from the Permaculture site. Share in the expected “jackpot” from the timber yield. You will truly become a TransFarmer, practicing Half-Farmer Half-X.

Co-Housing / Eco-village
• Cohousing / Eco-village typically comprises private living units (houses or flats) with shared spaces such as a gym, office space, workshops, laundry facilities and a café etc. • Residents’ direct involvement in the management and maintenance of these communities. • Residents have their own individual economic activities, besides sharing any common incomes derived from the eco-village.

Half-Farmer-Half-X ( 半農半 X) (TransFarmer)

Follow-up Actions
• Read the following presentations available at our blog
1. “Food Security & Home-Scale Permaculture”. 2. “SOHO Technology 3.0”

• • •

Get to know more about Eco-village or CoHousing available at Read 《 半農半 X 的生活》﹝天下出版,岩見 紀直著﹞ if you understand Chinese. Contact Eric Lim at 012-213-4968 for personal discussion.

WHY Invest in RAW Land?
(1) Agri-X Approach & TransFarmer (2) Private REIT Business Model (Co-Housing) (3) Culture behind Agri-CULTURE (4) Business & Project Opportunities LAND investment the SOHO way

Advantages / Features
• Biggest Gain is from Raw Land
– Conversions & Subdivisions & Current or Sequential Multiple Uses & Integrations – Agric (plants & livestock) to Tourism to Residential, Industrial & Commercial etc

• • • • • •

Make Nature as Working Partner Make Time (flow) work for you Carbon Sink / Credit & Green Karma Government Incentives LOHAS: Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability Half-Farmer Half-X (TransFarmer)

Health / Wealth / Happiness
• • • • • • Green Gym: Health Green Income & Gain: Wealth Green Karma: Happiness Half-Farmer-Half-X (TransFarmer) Body / Mind / Spirit Triple Bottom Line:
– Profit / People / Planet – Economy / Equity / Environment

Agri–X Approach
• Agricultural Land + X-project
– Orchard, Horticultural – Timber and Agro-forestry – Swiftlet (Bird-Nest) Ranching – Fish Farming & Animal Husbandry – Agro-tourism etc. etc

• Diversified & Integrated (Permaculture) • Culture behind Agriculture • Re-localization

Private REIT Business Model
• Private individual small lots / parcel with individual titles • REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust):
– – – – – – – Corporate Holdings / Shares Trust Deeds Individual Sub-Leases Management Contract Private & Pooled Incomes Free Access and membership privileges etc. Co-Housing / Eco-Village

Culture behind Agri-CULTURE
• • • • • • • Environment & Health Education Gaia & Mother Earth Holistics & Systems Science Green Pharmacy & Phytotherapy Globalization vs. Re-localization Triple Bottom Line & LOHAS Walking the “Life-style Design & Investment” Philosophy

Business & Project Opportunities
• Your Involvement:
– Individual Holdings – REIT participations – Project Team members – Sales incomes as SOHO / New venture – Management & Education Team members

• Regional, National & International
– Multiple projects, multiple locations etc – Private Equity, and OTC and eventual IPO

Be a financially successful Social Agri-Entrepreneur
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LAND Investment the SOHO way

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