Strategies for General Paper

accurate and effective language .What is General Paper?  Aims to develop in students the ability to think critically.  To construct cogent arguments  To communicate their ideas using clear.

Issues of local interest and global concern Answer any one of a total of 12 questions.Scheme of Assessment Paper Paper 1 Essay Description Paper comprises 12 questions Topic Areas: 1. 500-800 words Range of Marks Content:30 Language: 20 Total mark: 50 . Issues drawn from across disciplines 2.

and should.’ Discuss.  ‘The book has no place in modern society.2010 A’level Questions  Consider the view that most work these days could.’ Discuss  To what extent has technology had a negative impact on the skill levels of people? . such as concert halls and theatres were closed down?  ‘The person who dies rich dies disgraced.  How far can an individual be held responsible for crimes against humanity?  Would it matter if all the performing arts venues in your society. be done from home.

’ How true is this?  How important is it for people in your society to retain a sense of tradition?  ‘The key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine.2010 A’level Questions  How effective are international efforts to ease the problem of global hunger?  ‘No politician’s reputation can survive the judgement of time.’ How far do you agree?  Can mathematics be seen as anything more than a useful tool in everyday life?  Does sport merit the vast sums of money that are spent on it? .

Summary (8 marks) 3. Application (8 marks) Answer all questions. Range of Marks Content:35 Language: 15 (A separate but holistic score based on the entire script) Total mark: 50 The length of text(s) will be about 1200 words in total.Scheme of Assessment Paper Paper 2 Compre hension Description Text comprises 1 or 2 passages. Understanding. . including literal comprehension vocabulary and inference (19marks) 2. Questions cover: 1.

Past Year Comprehension Topics        Choices (2004) Aggression (2005) Freedom (2006) Gender Revolution (2007) History (2008) Work & Play (2009) Food (2010) .

Patricia O’ASullivan describes some current issues around the subject of food. How applicable do you find her observations to yourself and your own society? .2010 A’level Application Question  In this article.

Collectivism. Inclusiveness. summary. AQ etc. – Timed Assignments . Answering Inference Question. Secularism  Tutorials: – GP Packages according to the topics listed above – Skills Packages: Paragraph development. Question Analysis. Error Analysis – Politics. Individualism vs. Tradition vs. Modernity. Meritocracy vs.Lecture/Tutorial System  Lectures: Skills and Content – Grammar. Religion vs. Diversity vs. Egalitarianism.

JC 2 Programs  Compulsory weekly GP remedial for weak students  Weekly GP Clinic for extremely weak students (group of 5-6 students)  Accelerated Program for the Top Band students  Film Review (once a term)  Book Sharing (once a term)  Weekly Skills lecture (in addition to timetabled lecture) in the 2nd half of the year conducted by HOD .

V programs/websites such as BBC. The Economist  Read Non-Fiction Books such as ‘The End of Poverty’ and ‘Commonwealth Economics for a crowded planet’ by Jeffrey Sachs. Newsweek.Self-study  Read the newspapers (Straits Times) EVERYDAY  Watch T. ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman. CNA.  Read Time Magazine. CNN. ’50 facts that should change the world’ by Jessica Williams or ‘Denialism’ by Michael Specter . Discovery Channel etc.

Practice! Practice! Practice!  Students are advised to do additional comprehensions and write additional essays. .  Comprehension papers and essay questions are found in every GP Package.

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