Book Review

By Henry David Thoreau

Sebin Antony


sounds. where I lived what I lived for. winter visitors. the village. brute neighbors. higher laws. the bean field. social experiment. winter animals. house warming. 7/12/12 conclusion) and covers Thoreau’s life in the . pond in winter. the pond. voyage The book consists of 17 chapters (Economy. reading. spring.Content  Walden is an American classic written by Henry David Thoreau and first published in 1854. baker farm. of spiritual discovery and a manual for self reliance It is part biography. solitude. visitors.

”  ― Henry David Thoreau 7/12/12 . “You must live in the present. there is no other life but this. find your eternity in each moment. There is no other land. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. launch yourself on every wave.

Style of writing The author has used several forms of writing styles in this books such as: Satires Allegorical metaphors Personification Irony Sarcasm Allusions The author has also used long and complex 7/12/12 paragraphs and described vivid details of his .

consumerist world and exemplification of the life in close relation with nature is a strong theme of the book and meaningful life and ways to get out of the cycle of facetious labors of life in life A transcendentalists view of living a sincere Simple living is the essence for true happiness 7/12/12 .Theme Criticism of materialistic.

Characters The main character in the book the author Henry David Thoreau himself Other important characters are : Ralph Waldo Emerson Alex Therein John Field Amos Bronson Alcott William Ellery Channing Henry Clay Lidian Emerson 7/12/12 .

In the course of time the author by self introspection and surviving only on the natural surroundings wanted to gain more objective understanding of the 7/12/12 society.Robert Frost Walden details Henry David Thoreau’s experiment over the course of two years in a cabin near a pond called Walden owned by his close friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson near concord Massachusetts. . he surpasses everything we have had in America” .Summary “In one book….

however measured or far away” – 7/12/12 Henry David Thoreau .“If a man does not keep pace with his companions. perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears.

he stays in a cabin near Walden pond which was a private property owned by his friend (3 Km from town). The experiment would have failed in a different situation. sophisticated works of Greek and Latin literature and bemoans the lack of sophistication in concord. On the contrary he was strong proponent of simple living 7/12/12 The author used to read and praise the .Criticism As the name suggests the author does not lives in the woods.

honesty and virtue. Inquisitive mind and freedom Simplicity 7/12/12 .Learning Self Reliance and continuous self improvement Living in the present Wealth is not everything in the world Importance of Learning and gaining knowledge Truth.

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