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 Chirag Shah
 Urmi Chandan  Dhruvin Upadhyay

 Chaitali Panchal
 Sonam Jain

 What is globalization?
 Features of Globalization  Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization  Effects of Globalization  Conclusion

What is Globalization?
 The entire world is just

like one country for business.
 Globalization is

simultaneous opening up of the world economy.
 Free trade, flows of labour

and capital.
 Technology makes it

The overland Silk Road that connected Asia, Africa and Europe is a good example of the transformative power of international exchange.

Features of Globalization
 Operating and planning to expand business

throughout the world.  Erasing the difference between domestic market and foreign market.  Buying and selling goods and services from/to any country in the world.  Product planning and development are based on consideration of the entire world.  Manufacturing and distributing facilities are established overall avoiding national considerations.

Advantages Of Globalization
 Helps free flow of capital from one country to

another.  Encourages flow of technology from advanced countries to developing ones.  Increase in the welfare of nations and prosperity of the world countries.  Increase in employment and income and high standard of living.  Products with high quality and low prices are made available.

Disadvantages of Globalization
 It exploits human resources.
 Leads to underemployment.  Declining demand of domestic products.  Natural resources of developing countries are

transferred to other ones.  Widens the gap between rich and poor.

Effects of globalization
 Industrial
 Financial  Economic

 Social
 Competitive

Industrial Effects
 It is the emergence of

worldwide prodution markets.  It is a broader access to a range of foreign products for consumers and companies.  It is basically the movement of material and goods within national boundaries.

Financial Effects
 Globalization is the

emergence of wolrdwide financial markets.  It is the better access to external financing for borrowers.

Economic Effects
 It is a realisation of

global common market, based on the freedom of exchange of goods and capital.  A reduction of transportation and communication costs is what initiated globalization economies around the world.

Social effects
 Also known as international

cultural exchange increased circulation by people of all nations with fewer restrictions.
 It promotes international

travel and tourism.
 It spreads consumer

products to other countries.

Competitive Effects
 Survival in the new global

business market calls for improved productivity and increased competition  Due to the market becoming worldwide ,companies in various industries have to upgrade their products.  They have to use technology skillfully in order to face increased competition.

 It has been an integral part of the recent economic

progress made by India.  International companies are expanding their operations overall because of globalization.  Has also played a major role in export-led growth.  Led to the enlargement of the job market in India.  Globalization has integrated not only economies but also the societies.  It has made the world into a single global village.

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