The Smoking Gun - New Additional Evidence Revealed Proving Obama Birth Certificate and PDF Document a Computer Made Forgery - by Paul Irey - 27 Jul 2015
CDR Kerchner (Ret) Responds to Professor Gutzman Video Comments on Vattel
Reporters Need to Ask People Mentioned as Presidential and VP Candidates the Correct Question
Kerchner v Obama & Congress - DOC 02 - 1st Amended Complaint Filed 21 Jan 2009
Kerchner v Obama & Congress - DOC 01 - Complaint Filed 20 Jan 2009 at 2
Tracy Fair of MD Files Petition to U.S. Supreme Court re Rubio, Cruz, Jindall re Natural Born Citizen - Press Release 04 Feb 2014
State of NH v William Baer - Case Dismissed - William Baer Press Release 19 Dec 2014 With Court Order Attached
Washington Times National Weekly - Obama ID Fraud - 9-22-2014 Issue Pg 22
The Making of an Anti-American President - by Lawrence Sellin, PhD, Colonel U.S. Army (Retired)
2008 DNC Presidential Nomination Certificate Without Constitutionally Eligible Provision - Georgia
2008 DNC Presidential Nomination Certificate With Constitutionally Eligible Provision - Hawaii
Tracy A Fair et al v Walker & Obama et al - Full Petition Filed With the COA in MD. Re
Unsealed Doug Vogt Formerly Sealed Affidavit filed at U.S. Supreme Court Names Obama BC Forger & Co-Conspirators
John McCain - Hero To Zero At Mach 6.66! Devil's in Details. The 2008 Presidential Election Cycle.
Three Legged Stool Test for Natural Born Citizen to Constitutional Standards
Response Filing for 'Vogt Notice of Commission of Felony & Treason' by Obama to Fed Judge in WA State
Mia Marie Pope Knew Obama in High School - Obama Said He Was Foreign Born
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